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marks father left, after giving the 19 year old a tight hug. as soon as his car was gone, his mother disappeared downstairs and reappeared with a terrified jisung with her. she pushed him into the kitchen and ordered him to make her food, though he didn't know how to cook good food at all.

"what's taking so long you useless sack of shit!" she yelled, walking into the kitchen to see him struggling to turn the oven on. she scoffed and grabbed the hood of his sweater. "it looks like you need a punishment boy." she hissed and continued walking. mark gasped and jumped up, running over to the two people.

"mom! stop! he's 16, don't do this to him!" he shouted while following his mother who was dragging jisung along with her. "markie, help me." jisung begged, trying his best not to sob, cause that would only make marks mother more angry then she already was at the moment.

she threw him onto the ground and walked away, mark kneeled down and pulled the boy into an embrace. trying to calm him down a bit, he didn't deserve this at all, he was an innocent teen. he apparently had taken too long to make his mother food which meant punishment needed to happen.

"move boy." she hissed at her son who kissed the top of jisungs head and moved away. his eyes widened when his mom took out a belt. "mom n-" before he could finish his sentence the sound of the belt coming in contact with jisungs body rang through the house. mark winced and squeezed his eyes shut, he couldn't watch this happen.

jisungs sobs and screams filled the house along with the sound of his mom whipping him. it was terrible, it made mark nauseous, his mother was a sick person. mark covered his ears, trying to block out the sound of his friends pain, he felt useless. he couldn't do anything to help the kid, it would only cause him more pain if he tried to do anything.

the whipping stopped, but jisungs sobs continued. mark opened his eyes and rushed over to the 16 year old. he sat down beside him and pulled the hysterical boy into his arms. immediately jisung clung to him, trying to stop the pain radiating through his body.

blood soaked through the boys shirt, getting onto marks sleeves, but he really didn't care, he just wanted to make him feel better. he couldn't imagine what this was like, how horrible it was to get such intense punishments for such small things.

"sungie, it's okay. calm down, i need to clean your injuries." mark said softly, setting the boy onto the ground and standing up. "p-please don't leave me m-markie." he begged, grabbing his wrist desperately. mark lifted the boy up, and felt bad when he winced in pain.

he carried him down to the basement, and as soon as they were in view, the others gasped, except for hyuck who was still unconscious. he set jisung down, making sure to tell him he was safe for the moment since the others were there watching him and making sure he didn't get hurt, though they were still chained up.

mark went upstairs and sneakily grabbed the first aid kit before disappearing back downstairs to clean the boys wounds. he lifted up the back of the boys shirt and began cleaning the cuts, frowning whenever he'd whimper, cause he was clearly in a lot of pain.

he wrapped a bandage around the boys abdomen, making sure it wasn't too tight but also not too loose. he pulled the boys shirt down again before pulling him into a gentle hug, making sure not to hurt him. then he chained him back up so neither of them would get in trouble.

"mark! where the first aid kit?!"

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