24 | it's a surprise

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+zhi ruo pov

'Oh my god it's you... It's been you all along... Oh my god I'm so blind...'

I buried my face in my hands after realising how bloody stupid I had been.
I shook my head in shame and then looked up.

Renjun must have heard me for he had turned around but as soon as I lifted my head, his neck snapped around the other way.

I half hoped he would know what I had realised but why would he have?

The painting he was doing was of that night he walked me home and the words at the bottom was what he said to me.

He was the one who had left the notes in my locker. This I realised after hearing the lyrics he had written on the note this morning. I knew it was him as I introduced him to The Rose last night.

He was the one who had left the lollipop in my locker. His dad worked in the school so that's how he would've been in early enough to slip the notes in without anyone noticing, like that morning we tried to catch him.

He was the one who left me notes. "h.rj" stands for Huang Renjun. I really am stupid. And to think that I thought it was that one Japanese exchange student Han Renjiro. Damn...

He was the one who I was in love with and thought I wasn't good enough for when really he liked me back.

He was the one.

Everything came together and made sense now.

Wow I really am stupid, aren't I?

In an unusual burst of impulsiveness I decided to ask Renjun if it really was him.
Usually when I tried to talk to him, my words got messed up or my heart would do this thing and I'd feel some indescribable way that I only felt when I was with him.

'Renjun.' I hissed, hoping he would hear.

He didn't hear me but he did look up from what he was doing before looking back down.

I tried again.

'Renjun.' I whispered once again.

This time he heard me and after looking to his left and right, he turned around to see me, leaning forward and looking around my easel to try and talk to him.

'Yeah?' He whispered back.
'Have you be-' I began but was interrupted by the teacher calling us to pay attention. 'I'll tell you after.' I waved him off.

He nodded and went back to his work and I did the same.

I turned to Hyojin who sat happily to my right painting a photo of her precious cat, Moon.

'Hyojin.' I hissed and she immediately turned, a small smudge of yellow paint gracing her cheek.

I signalled to her that she had paint on her cheek to which she wiped it off with her sleeve.

'Thanks.' She mouthed back, knowing that if we were caught talking we would no doubt we'd get told off by the teacher.

'Zhi Ruo are you talking again?' I heard the teacher call from the front of the class.
'No miss!' I said, hiding behind the safety screen that was my easel.

I then took out a piece of paper from my notebook and scribble down a note which I then passed to Hyojin.

"I know who h.rj is now!!!!!!!"

She read the note and immediately her eyes widened and she looked over at me excitedly.
'Who?' She mouthed.

I pointed in the direction of Renjun, hoping he wouldn't turn around and catch me. That would be embarrassing.

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