Chapter Nineteen: Nights without my love are sleepless nights.

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Chapter Nineteen: Nights without my love are sleepless nights.

Friday night.

LYDIA laid across on Kayla's couch, smiling at herself. Of course, she and Kayla talked about Chris and George for a bit but they didn't dwell on the topic of boys.

Instead, they caught up with each other while eating ice-cream and watching The Vampire Diaries.

Lydia's phone screen lit up the living room. Picking up the phone, Lydia smiled reading the text message on her screen.

George<3: Does this remind you of anything?

Lydia chuckled lightly at her phone. This reminded her of many things.

Lydia <3: High-school. You?

George smiled at the message as Fredrick stumbled into the dorm, holding a beer bottle in his hand.

"Dude, I love you," he mumbled before walking into his bedroom. Well, that was weird. Shaking his head, George rolled his eyes at the guy he'd just met a few hours ago.

Pressing the button on his screen, George waited for Lydia to pick up her phone.

"I love you." Was the first words he heard her say before she let out a quiet sigh.

He couldn't keep the grin off his face and he knew he looked like a fool. But if the girl of your dreams just told you she loved you, you wouldn't care and he didn't care.

"I love you too, Lydia," George whispered into the phone. For a few moments he thoughts about his next words carefully. They needed to be just right but Lydia interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey, George?"


Taking a deep breath, Lydia whispered through the phone the words she knew George needed to hear.

"I'll always be here for you. Even when you think I'm going to leave, I'll still be with you because you, George Scott, have my heart and I don't want it back. It's yours, I'm yours."


My bladder is about to explode but I told myself to stay on the chair to write this chapter and so I did. (Lmao!!)



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