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Chapter 6

Finally, the weekend. I didn’t have to attend school, I didn’t have to face Sandra and I didn’t have to put up with the awkwardness between me and Elijah.. But, oddly enough, I seemed to be missing it. Shaking it from my head, I sat myself up, swinging my legs round, they hung from the mattress, the sun’s light peeking in through the half-closed curtains. Wiping my eyes, my mouth parted as I yawned. 

Finally finding it in me to rise to my feet, I pulled my hair from its ponytail, letting it fall onto my shoulders I staggered over to the curtains, pulling them closed I then looked over my shoulder at the digital clock that read 12:00. Smiling softly to myself, I straightened my vest top before slowly opening my door, looking left and right I then stepped out onto the landing, my mother’s humming sounding from downstairs. 

Deciding to skip breakfast, as I’d only get a mouthful for being up late, I leapt back into my bedroom. Dressing myself in black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and black boots, I then dealt with straightening my hair. I wasn’t too sure as to where I was going, only that I wanted to get out the house. 

I wondered what Elijah would be doing, it was then that my stomach churned, an odd smile spreading over my lips. 

“No, he’s just a friend,” I told myself in the mirror, a stern nod occurring as I did. “Just a friend.” 

Turning away from the mirror, I stepped back out onto the landing and then moved down the stairs as quietly as I could. I exhaled heavily as I descended the few steps onto the pavement, I had successfully made it out without my mother noticing. Without any thought, I turned left and walked on, letting my feet guide me. I didn’t see many people on my journey, it seemed to be a quiet day, perhaps it was because the temperature had dropped, drastically, not that I minded, I loved getting the shills from every passing breeze.

Having walked for a good 30 minutes or so, I finally took the time to inspect my surroundings. I recognised the street, I had been here a few times, not that I could remember when. It was when I moved farther on down the street, that I recognised the perfectly kept garden and the black wooden door. It stood out from all the rest as it was the only house that hadn’t been knocked down to be replaced by a new one. It was vintage to say the least; I had always admired it, but had never entered for Elijah never had invited me over. 

I had forced myself to turn away and walk back the way I had come, but something told me to see him, maybe he hadn’t anyone else to hang out with, or maybe he had other friends, I didn’t know. Moving forward, I stepped up and onto the first step. Raising my hand, I tightened my fist, knocking three times, I then stepped back, awaiting an answer. 

I heard movement from within, the door opening not long after. There stood Elijah, his hair swept back from his features, his dark eyes shown as well as the shadows around them. The dim light of the sun exposed his white skin; his eyes look so much darker against his pale complexion. He wore a white shirt and smart black pants, though it didn’t seem as if he were rushing off anywhere. He was so very different from when he was at school, it was almost as if he had two different identities. 

“E-Elijah,” I managed to splutter.

He didn’t hesitate in brushing his hair back into his features and untucking his shirt as if he didn’t want to be seen like this. “Emily,” he answered, his monotone voice remaining. “What are you doing here?”

“I was just passing, thought I’d visit,” I answered in shocking tone. 

“Come in,” he answered, beckoning for me to enter, though he didn’t seem very welcoming. 

Stepping into the house, a weird sense washed over me, it was almost as if I had stepped into a Victorian home. The furniture was so old, yet so sophisticated. It amazed me, it was as if the house hadn’t been refurnished in centuries. 

“Where are your parents?” I questioned, noting the sense of no one else in the house but him.

“Both working,” he answered bluntly, but unsurely as he gestured me into the living room. 

I merely nodded in response, hovering in the middle of the living room, I looked into the kitchen. Noting nothing unusual about it, except the lack of electrical appliances, I stared back over at Elijah who had sat himself down. Sitting myself down on a different chair, I sunk back into it, my head lowering.

“Would you like a drink?” he questioned as he rose so elegantly to his feet. “I’m afraid I haven’t stocked up lately, so you’ll have to have water.”

“Yes, please,” I mumbled back as I watched him wander into the kitchen. 

Watching him for a moment or two, I then rose to my feet, looking over at all the pictures; I saw nothing but old photos, Elijah in each and every one of them, though he didn’t seem to change in any of them, his fashion sense, yes, but not his features. He was with different people in all of them, no one I recgonised.

Hearing movement from behind me, I turned to see Elijah handing me a glass, taking it from him, I thanked him with a smile. Taking a small sip from it, I sat down again, my eyes averted as he too seated himself. I didn’t know what to say I continued to consume the fresh substance slowly, the water slipping down my throat. 

A moment or two passed before I found myself asking to use the toilet, I didn’t know why, I hadn’t the urge to use, I guess I just wanted to wander. He told me of its whereabouts before I clambered to my feet. Climbing the stairs, I avoided the bathroom and entered what seemed to someone’s bedroom. A small single bed stood in the middle of the room, a closet in the far corner. That was it, nothing else filled the vast space, it didn’t feel welcoming, not at all. Entering, she crept to the closet, looking in she noticed the smart clothes on one side and Elijah’s school ones on the other. Raising both brows, she slowly moved onto the next bedroom. This one was furnished the same, though it seemed to be untouched. Again she inspected the closet, only to find it empty of any clothes. If this wasn’t occupied by anyone, then where did his parents sleep? There was only one other room and she had seen through the crack of the door that it was a study and not a bedroom.

Deciding it was best to stop snooping, she finally entered the bathroom. Flushing the toilet, to make it seem as if she had been, she then descended the staircase. Elijah had lied to her; it had to be about his parents as there was no signs of them living there. It made feel uneasy to think that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. He was a completely different person, I didn’t know who he was. Standing in the hallway, I inhaled heavily, my skin cold from the creepiness of it all.

“I must go, thanks for the water,” with that I rushed out, not even checking to see if Elijah had bothered to follow.

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