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The race to Gaster's lab was insane. The moment Asgore told what happened, everybody had their hearts sent into their feet.
The kid was found by Napstablook, drowned and already turned blue, and Undyne got them out of water and called Papyrus to tell Sans to call Gaster

("That's why I write the phone number of every single being I meet."

Chara thought.), who took the kid to the hospital. When the entire Royal Family broke in, they were greeted by concerned, scared and nervous faces of Sans, his younger but taller brother Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne and Napstablook.

-How is the kid?-

Asgore asked the moment he was in the room.

-Gaster and some of the pro guys are tending to him. Yeah they determined that it's a guy.-

Sans answered.

-Is he going to be okay?-

Mike asked with shaking voice. He was nervous to the point where it was turning into anxiety. The only thing preventing a panic attack was the soothing feeling of Cameron's hand on his shoulder who tried to help him stay calm. Cameron had the magic of interacting with unstable people, even though he too was one of them.

-W-w-we don't know yet, he... He had a very weak pulse... And he was all blue...-

Alphys stuttered.

-It's my fault... I should have been quicker when I found him...-

Napstablook lowed. The grim mood sent Cameron, who was trying to squeeze the last his Bravery his soul had to offer, was sent into shivers.

-What's wrong?-

Mike asked him.

-I'm cold.-

Cameron bluffed. He was stoic enough to cold temperatures that he could go in a long sleeved shirt without any other extra warm clothes around Snowdin, unlike Alex who would just try not to show that he's cold. Right now both lost their cool, as Alex too was slightly shaken, but not only them. Chara and Asriel couldn't fit tooth on tooth and were clinging to Toriel for comfort. That was so weird. They were shaken from fear for life of a person they didn't know, but none of them wanted to be on a funeral of a seven or eight year old innocent boy whom the only impression they made on was one of quite creepy individuals. And Chara didn't even feel compassion for humans. Was it changing? Did Cameron, Alex and Mike change her so much?
Everybody sat down after ten minutes. They had no clue how much longer they'll have to wait, but they knew it'll last long. Asriel was hugging Chara's arms while she was sitting with her arm curled with Alex's. Cameron and Mike were distracting themselves by discussing cockroaches. Yes, nothing better than to talk about cockroaches. Mostly when only the word itself makes you chilly. Now they both were sure that they were shaking because of cockroaches, pretending that they forgot what was happening. The monsters took it harder: Papyrus clung into Sans's jacket he wore under the lab coat and kept sobbing:

-What if the human won't survive, Sans? I want to make a new friend but if he dies I won't be able to make friends with him!-

His loud talking came to the point where even cockroaches couldn't help Mike and Cameron and they tried to shut their ears. Cameron began playing on his phone while his friend watched. It helped. Sans was reassuring Papyrus that everything will be fine. Alphys in admiration locked her eyes on Undyne who just now discovered that she was neighbours with Napstablook and tried to distract herself and them by discussing the garbage dump close to their houses so loud that everybody were sure to know every piece of trash it had.
It took at least an hour for Gaster and his assistant, who had a resemblance to a human, or a humanoid alien with a round head, to come out of the room.

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