Romance In Tatters

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Chat Noir landed on the roof and slid up beside Marinette, slipping closer. "Hey cutie, you come here often?"

Ladybug sighed and let her eyes roll as she turned to face Chat Noir. "Hey, nice to see you too,"

"Whats wrong princess? You look like you are not happy, perhaps your out of breath, here... let me give you some" Chat Noir grinned, starting to lean in closer.

Ladybug looked him in the eye and before he got close, placed a finger up and creating some distance between them "That's sweet of you but, I prefer to breathe my own air, thanks."

"I dont know, my air is much sweeter."

"Mm, I'll just take your word for it. Who knows who else has breathed that air."

"My air is only for you my lady..."

"Such a waste then since I'm passing it up."

"It is, my heart aches... my soul passes into the night..." Noir held his chest and reached out his hand into the sky.

"For it is in need of love and care... lest I fall into ever-reaching darkness..."

A deep sigh escaped her lips, watching such a dramatic display. "Ugh! I'm pulling the curtain!" Offers a hand. "If you need something to put your lips on, you can settle for this."

"You know.. I'm starting to think maybe you don't like me Ladybug.." Chat Noir sighed, leaning forward and kissing her hand.

"Maybe Queen Bee would appreciate my affection, or even Rena Rouge..."

"It's not that. I...I told you, it's complicated. Why do you keep being so pouty about it and bringing it into things?"

"Rena Rouge definitely wouldn't go for you and as for Chloe, she's definitely not your type. So, how about you forget about romance and focus on saving Paris, yeah?" After his kiss, her hand lifted and her finger stroked beneath his chin.

"Oh I have a type now?" He asked with a sly smile. "Maybe she is my type. I've actually known her for quite a while. You'd be surprised how sweet Chloe Bourgeois can be." He winked before looking at her when she fingered his chin.

"Maybe I'd like a little romance in the city of love, after all, we save it enough times..."

"She can be a decent person, sure. But wouldn't dating her be too much of an emotional roller coaster for a sensitive kitty like you?" She crosses her arms. "Plus, we've already gotten her into enough drama now that everyone knows she's not only the mayor's daughter but also a superhero. Let her work on herself before you go rushing into things with her."

A soft smile forced its way upon her lips, despite how much she wished to fight it off. "It's not that I don't want to give you a chance and you know that."

"I could make it work, you don't know my real identity. Maybe I'm a bit of a famous person anyway.."

"You like someone else?" He asked with a sigh. "It's fine.. I know when a better man has won." He raised his hands and then looked out into the distance.

"Come on.. lets go find whatever trouble's popped up." He ran to the edge of the building and pounced into the air

"W-Wait up!" With a groan, she grappled onto the next building and caught up with him. "A famous person, huh? Well then, if you're so popular, maybe we know each other."

His words made her feel guilty for some reason. She wasn't sure why but beneath her denial, it was clear that her heart was torn between Chat Noir and Adrien but she could never admit that.

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