On the outside, Bailey and Kaycee were opposites in almost every way

Kaycee is bubbly, Bailey is quiet

Kaycee can be nice, Bailey can be mean

Kaycee is short, Bailey is tall

etcetera, etcetera

But they were really good friends as they learn a lot from each other differences and became best friends because of it

Kaycee learned to be sassier from Bailey
Bailey learned to open up more from Kaycee

etcetera etcetera

And it helps they were the only girls in their friend group as the boys can be..boys

"You could just join the poetry club," Bailey said as that is her club

"Nah, I can't write, you would have better luck asking Sean," Kaycee said as Sean tends to be wordy in messages "Besides you can act!"

"...I'll think about it ok," Bailey said giving into Kaycee

"Yes!" Kaycee said hugging Bailey

"Aw, sisters!" Julian said seeing the hug as Kaycee just giggled and Bailey looked at him annoyed

Josh came down the hallway looking conflicted as he approached his best friends

"Are those my snacks?" Josh said looking at what Kaycee was eating

"No..." Kaycee said

"Anyways I got bad news," Josh said figuring out a way to say the news he learned from the meeting

"What is it, bro?" Sean asked

"...They canceled Junior Prom" Josh said flinching from the responses

Shocked was an understatement of the reactions Josh received, Junior prom in some eyes was better than the actual senior prom as it was more fun, with less formal attire and etc...

Sean was shocked at such a bold declaration from the school

Julian surprised was evident from his fake fainting

Even Bailey showed more emotion as her jaw dropped, even she was looking forward to Junior Prom

Kaycee... well Kaycee was devasted, she always thought that junior prom would be her moment with Sean and now...

"What do you mean canceled!" Kaycee screamed

"It was such a weird situation" Josh started to explain, "They faculty said that we weren't making enough money so the one thing they agreed to cut from the school budget was Junior Prom"

Normally that would make sense but something wasn't sitting right with the squad

"But that can't be true, the sports teams are making more money than ever, we have fundraisers, the school is one of the best schools when it comes to grades, homecoming had record attendance, even the theater program got recognized in the city paper for their performance last year," Sean said "How are we not making enough money?"

"Yeah if anything we should get an extra event for how well things are going" Bailey added

"Well here's the kicker, apparently according to our treasurer and president the teachers and principal all got raises and bonuses," Josh said

"Wait are they stealing our money?!" Julian said

"Who knows?" Josh said as there was no proof outside of the rumor "But isn't it strange that almost all of our teachers were in better moods starting last week?"

The teachers at the school weren't mean, or even strict but they always gave the impression that they would rather be somewhere or do something else then be high school teachers

And lately, they have been happier while at school and even enjoyed teaching

"We need to get to the bottom of this" Kaycee said, "There has to be a solution!"

"Kaycee, how are we supposed to..." Sean started to say until he saw the look of determination in Kaycee's eyes, he even grew redder at the intensity she was giving him "Okay but we need to plan this out better" Sean gave into Kaycee

"Plan?" Julian said

"Research, spy, ask questions, you know it's like a scooby doo mystery," Kaycee said

"Can we go?" Bailey said as they've been at the school for so long

"Yeah everyone let's go to Sean's!" Kaycee said as she walks to Josh's car

"...Are you sure you want to encourage your girlfriend to go through with this? This could get a little dirty, no telling how this will all go" Josh said to Sean as Bailey and Julian followed Kaycee to his car

"No worries I'll protect her," Sean said as Josh nodded and headed to his car "Wait she's not my girlfriend!"


(CH 2!!)

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