Chapter 14

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"Can't believe I doubted you bruh. Here," A male with skin as dark as charcoal said to Juan handing him a stack of cash. He looked scary with multiple wounds on his strong face structure. One of his eyes were grey from not being able to see out of it and he had thick dreads like Bob Marley. "Any updates on Blue?" He asked taking a pull from his fat blunt, his deep voice vibrating the floor Juan stood on.

"Naw Jerry, not since Gutta came up dead. But, how do you know Blue killed him? It could of been anybody."

Jerry scoffed waved his hand full of veins, "that shit got Blues name written all over it."

"But that nigga don't even be in town." Juan argued.

"Just cause he's never seen don't mean shit. If the feds don't catch his ass before I do, he's a dead man. I know for a fact he's in town, the nigga be here all the time with Simon, but nobody never say shit. Come on, you really think this nigga ain't around? He got all his connects here. How else you think he found out about us robbing his trap?"

Jerry's been tryna get Blue out the game for years now. The time was finally right. He was even apart of the whole 'kill Taji' arrangement after Blue killed one of his gang members.

Of course, Blue don't know that Jerry was behind it. He thought that was all on Tone.

After Tone came up dead, Jerry knew that he had caught Blue's attention.

"If you got beef with Blue and him only, why are you killin every one except him? Why can't we just go slaughter that nigga? He can't be that hard to find." Juan shrugged, knowing that what they were doing was unnecessary.

Jerry and Blue used to be friends. The beef all started when Jerry got caught taking Blue's supply to sell for his own good. After selling all of the drugs, he used the earned money to built his 'Drug Empire' canceling Blue out.

They've been rivals every since.

His plan obviously didn't work, though. Blue was still doing better than him.

"Naw," Jerry chuckled blowing smoke in the air of his dim basement. "The more people we kill, the madder he get. Before you know it he's gonna come lookin for me and that's what I want. You just gotta play ya cards right and do what I say."

Juan simply nodded. "You're right."

"Now get the fuck outta hea. Get the boys and kill that Zay nigga."


"Why you keep doin dat? Chill," Blue kissed he teeth, twisting Ava's loose curls around his finger while her head laid on his bare chest.

"No you always playin in my hair, it's annoying." She complained swapping his hand away. It was eight o clock in the morning and they were up watching Fresh Prince on VH1 butt ass naked.

Last night they had make up sex. And before anybody ask, yes they had a condom. It was only temporary though, Blue knew that he wasn't going to pull out. His pull out game has been weak lately and he didn't have time for babies. Especially now, there was too much on his plate.

"Be quiet cause Iont say shit when you be snorin', that shit's mad annoyin'." He said causing Ava to laugh.

"Ight, now you lyin cause I don't snore."

"How you know whatchu do in yo sleep?" He quizzed. "Nigga, you snore all the time and I just don't say shit."

"The lies," She chuckled.

"Okay not finna argue with somebody who snore." He said being petty.

Ava laughed and rolled her eyes to the back of her head, "what do you get out of playin so much?"

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