Voting and Evasion

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"Hello" = Normal talk

'Okay' = Though

(Mighty Action X) = Gashat sound

Critical = Finisher and Weapon sound

"I am here" = All Might Muscle form

'Welcome' = Sign

Henshin = Transforming

The air was filled with silence for a second before Bakugo's brain registered All Might's words. Those three words that completely left him immobilized as a sudden dark realization hit him in the core like a brick wall...

"Deku... beat me... again..."

Three words that Katsuki Bakugo never want to say again. But reality had different plans. And the reality is that Deku- Izuku Midoriya has once again beaten Kacchan- Katsuki Bakugo in a mock battle on the second day of U.A. High School.

As the smoke cleared, Izuku could be heard panting and out of breath. That last attack took a lot out of him. But he still had enough energy left to stand and remain conscious. He looked at the destruction he caused and winced. He didn't mean to cause this much damage, since he only aimed for the ceiling and upper floors. But it seems this was the result of the full powered Detroit Smash combined with the power of a kamen rider he just hoped that All Might will not deduce too many points.

Izuku looked across from him and saw Bakugo staring blankly at him, shaking. Izuku shook his head. Knowing Katsuki Bakugo as well as he did, he should've known this was what was going to happen after he inevitable won. It was just a matter of time. In all honesty, Izuku have no choice but to humiliate Bakugo, in was necessary. He had to learn the hard way that Izuku will not let him bully and boss people around anymore. Now he mean business, and he won't let anybody get in the way of achieving his dream. Not even Bakugo.

After a few seconds of silence, Bakugo finally began to speak, "Y-You... You played me right from the start. You knew that I was gonna attack you head on first. You knew that me and my teammates were going to be separated. So you orchestrated this very plan from the very beginning! You sent that girl to go after the weapon and while you distracted me and once she was in position, you launched an attack towards the upper floor where the weapon was located and that allowed her to retrieve the weapon... you baited me."

It was hard for him to admit it, but yes, Katsuki Bakugo was played and fell right into Izuku Midoriya's plan. Contrary to what many would assume, Bakugo isn't dumb and actually has a very high IQ. His overall attitude just overshadowed his intellect. But he knows when he's beat. You just couldn't silce it any other way, he lost fair and square.

Izuku signed, "Yes, you are correct." Izuku close the panel

Gashat: (Gacchoon)

And remove the two gashat

Gashat: (Gashuun)

He then showed his left arm to Bakugo. It was bruised and had an ugly purple and pinkish color, "Yes asked why I wasn't going all out right from the get-go. Because I recently gained a powerful Quirk, and I don't know how but I believe I'm just a late bloomer, so it isn't because I was underestimating you or perceived you as below me. This broken arm shows you why. I can't fully control my power yet. I can only access small portions. If I go all out, I'll end up destroying my own body in the process. It is not safe to use against real power at all if I perform an attack like I just did right now. There's still a lot I need to learn Kacchan. We both got a long way to go."

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