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I tapped my finger on the table anxiously.

It was early in the morning - probably too early for most people, but Aria liked waking up with the sun. Something about "getting more things done".

She wasn't replying to my texts, and part of me really wanted to call her - but I didn't want to come across as clingy.


Screw it.

I picked up the phone and rang her number.

It was answered quickly by another hushed voice.


"Wait, Lacey?"

"Yeah, Aria's not exactly able to talk right now..." she whispered.

"Why are you whispering?"

"Rough night last night, Aria's sleeping and I can't move without waking her up, but she really needs some peace right now. And I've got a class I need to get to..."

"I can come over, help out?"

"Really? Thank you so much oh my god, the door should be unlocked. Just go straight to the bathroom when you get here."

"Gotcha, be there in a few."

I grabbed my keys and slid into my car.

Rough night?

Lacey sounded concerned.

What had happened?

I drove down the road to Aria's place, my head full of questions.

I finally arrived and parked outside the curb.

Like she said, the front door was opened.

I closed it behind me gently and headed towards the bathroom as requested.

I was greeted with Lacey cradling Aria, her back leaning into the wall, looking exhausted.

Aria had red circles around her eyes with a hand covering her mouth as she slept.

"I had to stay here with her since about 2 AM, I haven't slept since..."

Lacey whispered, looking down at her friend laying in her arms.

"But I'm just glad she was able to rest peacefully these past few hours."

"I'll take care of her... do what you have to do." I whispered.

Lacey nodded.

I leaned down, looped my arms under Aria's resting body, and picked her up. She squirmed a little, then her face snugged itself into my chest.

'Thank you.' Lacey mouthed to me.

Lacey was about to leave when I called her back in a whisper.

"Hey, Lacey?"


"You're a really good friend, you know that?"

Lacey's cheeks turned a slight shade of red before fanning the compliment away.

"It's whatever..."

She adjusted her glasses.

"I'll see ya, let me know how she is once she wakes up?"

I nodded my head in response.

Lacey left, shutting the door behind her slowly, careful not to make any loud noises.

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