❥|| Sunny's Angry

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Sunny woke up to the sound of the boys outside of her room, like they usually are. They were messing around in the dorms, trying to be quiet but it never worked. She pulled the cover off of her and stared of into space for a few second. (Tbh, same...) Anyways, she picked her hand up and felt her check.

Yep... the scratches were still there and still noticeable. Sunny stood up and changed into some comfortable clothes, a black hoodie and some black leggings. She walked out of the room and was greeted by Mingyu first.

She wasn't actually greeted by him, she bumped into him when he was pushed by another member playfully. Mingyu turned around and caught the girl as she stumbled back. He smiled at her and she returned a smile as well.

After, the group all got ready and met up at the studio. They were practicing just a few songs, especially since a new comeback was coming up. Sunny stayed near Wonwoo most of the time when they weren't dancing or singing.

Sunny was in charge of the music when the songs that she wasn't in were being practiced. She mad sure that she didn't really mess anything up but... she is human and mistakes happen. She thought it was fine, but it wasn't to another member.

The staff told Sunny that she could be put into an older song, which she wasn't apart of. The performance team was in charge of teaching her the moves. Being patient with her, one of the members from the performance team just didn't have the same patience as everyone else.

Sunny kept falling down during a part of the choreo that was a bit difficult for her. When she fell down for the fourth time, Chan got angry. She tried to apologize before he got into a really bad mood... but she wasn't quick.

"Can't you get it right Sunny! Do it the right way!" Chan yelled to her, making the others turn their heads to the two.

"I'm sorry, It's just difficult for me. I'm tryi—..." Sunny tried to say before getting cut off.

"YOU ARENT TRYING! No wonder Cube and SM didn't accept you." Chan said before walking away and sitting at the table.

Sunny just sat there on the floor where she fell. She started to get teary eyed. Why is this all happening to her? The fight and now this? She looked into the mirror and saw Joshua and Woozi start walking over to her.

She got up and put her hand up to tell the two to stop walking to her. She walked over to Chan and just stood in front of him. The others watched quietly.

"You think your any help?" Sunny asked.

Chan looked up confused. He hadn't seen Sunny continue a fight before.

"I don't find you helpful. It's not that they didn't want me, It's that I didn't do my best. I'm not a dancer. Last time I checked I was a rapper." Sunny said as she turned around and left the room, the door slamming behind her.

After the door shut, Chan felt horrible. He knew that she was usually one of the last people to catch on to a dance. He also was someone that was the closest to Sunny and he just ruined that.

Sunny walked away from the room and slid down the wall in the hallway. She pulled her knees to her chest and started to cry into her arms. She suddenly heard a voice hovering above her. She lifted her head and saw Chan standing in front of her.

"What now?" Sunny asked.

"I'm sorry Sunny. You know nothing that I said was true, right?" Chan asked as he sat down next to the small girl.

She shrugged her shoulders, debating wether what he said is actually true or not. Chan wrapped his arm around the small girl and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry Sunny. Let's go back into the studio and we can still practice if you want to." Chan said as he stood up, reaching his hand out to help her up.

She nodded her head and placed her hand on his. Standing up with his help, they walked back to the studio and started the practice again. This time Chan was patient and waited until she finally could get the dance.

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