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i study in a catholic school (tho i doubt if im catholic myself in terms of belief), so religion is a required subject.

our current pt is a load of bs. almost beats the lies that the higher ups spout on a daily basis, but thats for another day.

we're supposed to perform a """"""""random"""""""" act of kindness each day from last week monday to today sunday but here's the catch: you need to have a photo of you doing said act and a caption and signature from a witness and an answer as to """"""""what motivated you to do this random act of kindness?""""""""

so yea, not so random after all.

add to that, i didn't start it at all until today because exams have started yesterday and pt season began nearly a week ago, so i couldn't just force my ass to work on such a forced pt

like, it just feels so pointless and fake? this just isn't how you teach kindness

kindness comes from the heart, not desperation to pass a subject

but i need the grade, so here am i anyway, pasting half-assed photos otherwise my already pissed teacher would be even madder bc my class forgets that his subject is a thing

don't even get me started on the fact we barely had any classes this quarter for rel, and those few classes were spent memorizing the actions to a holy spirt song, so nobody has any bloody idea what would be in our written exam that's just in two days

don't i love this class

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