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"Where do you think she is?" Calum asked pacing back in forth in Garlands kitchen. We had been sitting -mostly just me because Calum wouldn't stop pacing- in their kitchen thinking and thinking of where Garland could be. she had always bee one to be the adventurous type when she was drunk, which always worried me. Especially now, since I wasn't with her. She could be anywhere. Arizona is a big state.

"I-I don't know Calum." I sighed racking my brain for the answer. "Maybe we should just drive around and try to find her?" I questioned. Calum stopped pacing, nodded and headed for the door in one swift movement.

"Well are you coming?" He asked opening the door and stepping out quickly. I through my purse over my shoulder and ran out the door behind him. My heart raced as I followed him to his car for two reason. One, I was scared for Garland, she's very venerable when she's drunk and two, because I don't know Calum much. I just know what Garland how's told me; but he does seem to care for him like I do. You just never know about a person you've only seen with someone else. I slowly stepped into the car buckling up quickly as did Calum. My hands shook and I could feel my eyes tearing up. I was really scared, what if we don't find her? What if she's hurt? What if her parents find out and send her away?

"Do you know where she could be?" Calum said starting up the hot car. He tapped the steering wheel nervously as we back out of the Thompsons drive way into the road. I thought for a moment where a drunken Garland would be. She could be a lot of places, many places that could get her in a hell of a lot of trouble. The most sensible

"A bar. I don't exactly know which one, but she's really good at tricking bartenders that she's over twenty one without having to show them I.D. I was always so so impressed." I stated looking at Calum with his eyebrows knitted together.

"Well how many bars are near." Calum asked starting to drive down Garland's street. Thinking for a second I counted all the bars I can think of.

"Thirteen." I stated.


It's almost five o'clock at night, we've searched six bars for Garland and so far, no luck at all. I could tell Calum was scared, even though he hadn't seen a full blown drunken Garland, it's still probably scary to know your girlfriend has a drinking problem and she's out in town alone drunk out of her mind. I was scared, even knowing what she's like. I just don't know how we are going to explain to her parents what happened. Her mom and dad will be devastated. Her parents were hysterically, we all were when we almost lost her.

Calum and I are searched the streets just in case Garland could be passed out somewhere, when my phone begins to ring in my purse. My hands scramble to my bag and dump it all over Calums car floor. My eyes scanned over the many things that had fallen out of my giant purse, and I found my phone reaching for it quickly. My hands shook as I looked at the caller I.D.

"It's Garland." I mutter looking at Calum who's already looking at me. We pull off to the side of the road.

"Well answer it!" Calum practically screams making my jump. I slide my thumb across my phone screen answering the call.

"Meredith help me." Garland slurs. There's loud music blaring in the background hard for me to hear anything she's saying. I could hear faint sobs coming through the phone.

"Garland are you okay?" I shout into the phone hoping she can hear me the music was loud, like it sounded like it was coming from the radio in the car.

"There's men. They're trying to hurt me. Help." She sobs into the phone. My hands shook when I heard this, scared for her. She can't fight people off, she's too venerable and weak to even try. I hope she's hiding somewhere safe, somewhere no one can find her.

"Gary, I can't help you if I don't know where you are." I stated looking at Calum who seemed to be silently crying next to me. I rubbed his back hoping to show him that it's okay and that everything will be alright, or so I hoped.

"I'm at this bar, a really dirty bar. I think it looked woody but I can't remember I was, and still am way to drunk. I think there were only a few cars outside." She stated. I bit my nails nervously as I tried to think of a bar that could be 'woody'. There was numerous bars around here that looked like they were built out of wood. There was only a select few that weren't, and we've checked most of them.

"Do you remember a name or anything." I questioned trying to get more out of her. I wasn't expecting her to be this cooperated while shew as drunk, because usually she isn't.

"No, I'm sorry." Garland cries on the other end. "Please just help me, I'm scared." She says quietly, the music must have stopped for a second because her voice becomes easier to hear.

"Garland are you still there?" I speak softly trying to calm her down. Most of the time I was always there with her when she was drunk so I wasn't always as worried as I am now.

"Yes, I-I am."

"Was there a karaoke bar there?" I ask. Thinking of how the music sounded like there was people singing it instead of it just being the regular song playing out of a stereo.

"I think so yeah. NO GET OUT!" She screams making me pull the phone away from my ear. "get out." She sobs as I hear scrabbling around. My hands shake at how scared Garland sounded and it scared me so much.

"I know where she is, drive fast!" I scream.




i'd like to thank you all for 3k reads you don't know how happy this makes me. i thought no one would read my story but now i have 3k! thanks so much and im hoping to update soon again!!

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