Chapter 16: A Death (III)

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(No-One's P.O.V.)

It's been one day now since Lapis and Pearl went to search for (Y/N).

The sun slowly rose up in the distance and the birds were chirping. This awoke a sleeping Peridot, who was sleeping over at Steven's house, because... Let's just say she felt lonely. Peridot saw that Pumpkin was still sleeping in her arms and slightly snoring. With a clever move she managed to get her hands out from behind Pumpkin and got up. Right when she was about to go outside she looked back at Pumpkin with a concerned look. She was just lying on the floor, shaking. This is not how you should treat a pet, Peridot.

Peridot: "I know."

Peridot grabs a soft blanket and wraps it around Pumpkin.

Peridot: "And that's how it's done."

The green gem tried her best to get outside but was disturbed by a loud clang.

Garnet: "Alright, Crystal Gems!"

Steven: "Wha-what?"

Peridot: "You've woken up Pumpkin, you clod!"

Garnet: "I'm sorry Pumpkin. But this is an emergency!"

Pumpkin: "Arf!"

Amethyst: "Yo. What's goin' on here?"

Garnet: "Pearl, Lapis, (Y/N) and Lena are in danger! We have to look for them as soon as possible."

Amethyst: "Woah, Garnet. Is it really that serious?"

Steven: "It seems to be serious. Just look at how stressed out she is."

Garnet just looks around the room hastily, searching for a clue. She sees Connie, gets near to her and holds her shoulders tightly.

Garnet: "Connie! You said that (Y/N) went to the woods?"

Connie: "Yes..."

Garnet: "Then let's-..."

A ray of light formed around Garnet and she was gone. Ruby and Sapphire appeared.

Steven: "Ruby! Sapphire!"

Steven hugged them both tightly in his arms.

Sapphire: "There's time for hugging later! Let's find them."

Ruby: "You've heard her!"

Peridot: "Alright."

Amethyst: "Yeah. Yeah..."

Pumpkin: "Arf!"

Steven: "Finally!"

Connie: "Go, team!"


(Y/N) slowly awakens with a blurry vision. He only sees a man walking towards his girlfriend.

Man: "Is this your girlfriend?" "She must really love you. Searching for you all day in the middle of the woods. Poor, poor girl."

The man went over to Lapis.

Man: "She's really pretty. Did you know that she likes you? I heard your girlfriend and her talking about you. Something about how she shouldn't have done something... I don't care actually."

Then he went over to Lena.

Man: "Now I've checked all of your pockets but no one really possesses something of importance. Especially that blue girl. But her... She had something in her pocket that caught my eye. Look. It's a photo of you and her. Ain't that cute?"

Then he finally went over to (Y/N).

Man: "I bet you're wondering who I am, right? Let me tell you a little story. There once was a boy that had nothing do in his life except for robbing and stealing people's things to be able to afford food and water for his family. Though it was only his mother and him."

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