Different Hearts

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We continued waking up the steps heading to -what I'm assuming is- the thirteenth floor. Saix told me we were in Castle Oblivion, I wondered what exactly this place was. I wanted to ask him, but I decided to wait to see for myself. I for some reason felt an odd vibe in this place, I wasn't sure of what it was, but I couldn't tell if it was good or bad, it was sort of indifferent...I suppose. We walked through the door to the thirteenth hall as there was a girl yelling at someone else who was in the same cloak that Saix was in.

She was yelling at the man in the cloak as she waved her....Keyblade?...around. It had a long reach, black, with what looked like a bat as the teeth. At the bottom of her blade was a skeleton head at the top of the hilt, with bat wings extending from the sides of it, and a keychain with a pumpkin at the end of it. Then I noticed she was also wearing a cloak as well. It was unzipped showing her jean shorts, a skater shirt that looked too big on her, and black shoes that looked interesting to me, they were different. She also had blue eyes and white straight hair with gray tips underneath, that went a little passed her shoulders.

"Will you stop playing your stupid Sitar!" she yelled as she took a blue Sitar from the man that had dirty blonde spiked and threw it off to the side. "I'm tired of hearing it, you're an amateur! You go around playing that thing then screw up, and your stupid dancer nobodies made of water, that are copies of you, it's enough that we have one of you! Then you mess up again and create water all over the floor! I've fell and slipped on those things at least five times!" then out of nowhere there was a crashing sound.

"Rrraaahhhh!! ....Demyx!" I heard someone yell.

"Look, now Axel just slipped!" the girl yelled at the one called Demyx. Axel's here?

"I'm not an amateur, it's the strings! And Axel should look where he's going, he has eyes doesn't he?" Deymx said.

"I swear I've got half a mind to...!" Axel yelled as his threat cut off.

"Sure, whatever, just don't play it in my presence. If you do, I'll have Pumpkin Head turn it to shreds!" After she yelled at him she looked over at Saix and I as Deymx slumped over to a nearby couch with his head done to sulk.

"You don't have taste in music, that's all," he muttered.

The girl walked over to us and looked me over, "So, another wielder huh?" she smiled. "I'd like you to meet Pumpkin Head, so I'll give him a proper introduction."

"Get ready.." Saix quickly said to me. I quickly called on Two Across and within a flash she was right in front of me about to do a quick attack. What a way to introduce yourself to someone...When suddenly, as if Two Across had a mind of its own, pulled my arm up in just enough time to block. From the friction of our two blades colliding for a certain amount of time, she flipped as she jumped backwards, then starred at me in awe.

"You have Two Across?!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" I said.

"No matter, Pumpkin Head will overcome it." she jumped as she came at me, and tried to strike her keyblade at my side, but I blocked and pushed her back. She came to a sliding halt and groaned in aggravation. She came running me this time and I ran towards her. She jumped, about to strike, then I slid as I ran towards, going beneath her. As she was mid air, I hit her hard at her side, which caught her off guard and she went tumbling to the ground.

As my slide ended, I made a smooth turn, so I was facing her again, then got up. "That's enough," I said as I twirled my Keyblade frontwards and backwards, and then rested it on the back of my neck. "I'm getting tired of this game." Siax smiled at my remark.

"Game..?" she said as she got up. "You see this as a game!?"

"It's all mere child's play," I said as I flung my hair out of my face.

"What!? How dare you?! You-"

"Looks like you've been showed up." I heard a voice say. I turned around to see a boy walking in the hall, from a different hallway. It took a second to realize that it was the boy from Radiant Garden, the one who was standing off by himself during the festival. I stared at him for a moment. "Name's Ashtcher, Ashtcher Ketona."

"You're from Radiant Garden...well Hollow Bastion is it's common name," I said as I put Two Across away

He cut his eyes at me, "Yes....who are you?"

"I saw you at the festival..."

"I don't think I know you." Of course he wouldn't, I don't look like myself, I look completely different.

"You probably wouldn't."

"Hmph, so it seems we have another wielder here..,,perfect," he said sarcastically as he turned to start walking back down the hall he came from.

"Where's Rix?" the girl who attacked me asked.

"She has an assignment, good thing too, there are too many wielders around here as it is," he said as he waved her off and continued walking.

"She's always gone, always ready to jump on an assignment, she has a fear of people, just like Ashtcher," she said this as she walked over to me and stopped next to me. "I'm Rhys, by the way. Glad to have you here, the organization needs as much help as they can get."


"Don't worry, it'll be explained, and your name?"

"Ayame," I told her then smiled. "I think I may start introducing myself that way..with a fight."

She laughed, "Then we'll have fun." she stretched out her arms and yawned. "Well I better go, Larxene has me cleaning her bookshelf." she then walked down another hall.

When Rhys was gone, Saix came by my side and placed his hand on my shoulder. "You better go get some rest, your first course is tomorrow, then three days from now is your trial, then the day after is your first assignment." I gave him a puzzled look and he chuckled. "I'll explain along the way, now come this way."

He led me down a hall that was to the far right, and turned down another hall where there were doors to a bunch of rooms. He led me to the end of the hall to the door on the left, and on the door it said 'Ayame'.

"This is your room," Saix said. "The room across from you, is Rixile's, but as you heard she is not here."

I opened the door and then turned back to him, "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Yes," he said and started to walk off but then stopped. "And Ayame..."


"Don't even think of sneaking out and venturing, I see the look of curiosity written all over your face."

I smiled devilishly, "I won't tell, if you won't."

"And if you get caught, I know nothing," He smiled as he walked away. I then walked into my new found room and quickly departed to a deep sleep, from all the events of casting away my old self and coming to this new found place to help people that needed me. I no longer felt helpless, or useless and I also felt wanted in a different way. I felt needed.

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