Chapter 2

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  All three kits looked around with wide eyes. Roaringkit stepped forward. "I will'' he said. Blizzardkit's eyes widend. They always did everything together. They promised they always would. Blizzardkit stepped forward and stood by her brother. "A promise is a promise.'' "Your a good cat'' Rainkit said. Fawnkit blinked and said '' They will ask me where you are if I stay so I'm going with you.'' Rainkit nodded. ''Good now we need to find out how to escape. Any ideas?''

               Chapter 2:

Roaringkit padded to the wall and whispered '' If we dig a big enough hole here then we can squeeze under the wall.'' Rainkit nodded. '' Sounds good to me. Do we all agree?'' everyone nodded. Good then we can begin. 

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