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'Wake up.' 

'Lisa, wake up.'

Lisa sleepily opened her eyes, to see Achilles staring moodily at her from the passenger seat of the car. She remembered falling asleep however, it was now bright outside.

'Good morning.' Lisa looked up at Achilles. 'How long was I asleep?'

'All night.' Aster chimed in from the driver's side.

'We're nearly there.' Achilles looked pointedly at Lisa. 'At my parent's house.'

They sat mostly in silence until they turned into a secluded lane. The turning was nearly completely hidden in the trees and Lisa was expecting to see a small, modest house, however, when Lisa looked out of the car window, she was surprised to see a long lane which lead down to quite a big house. It was surrounded mostly by forest and Lisa could see that it bore resemblance in location to Achilles's house.

The car slowed to a stop and Lisa was suddenly terrified. Both Aster and Achilles got out of the car however, Lisa stayed firmly put.

The car door opened.

'Why aren't you getting out?' Achilles was looking blankly at her.

'I'm scared.' 

'It's not my parents you should be scared of.' He said rather coldly.

'Achilles, I'm so sorry for what I've done.' Lisa looked pleadingly at him but his expression didn't really give any clue what he was thinking. 

He leaned over her. 'Can I have my jacket back?'

Lisa's attention was suddenly drawn to a jacket that she hadn't realised was sitting over her shoulders. He must have put it over her while she was sleeping. 


She climbed out of the car and followed Achilles to the door. Right before they caught up with Aster. Lisa asked Achilles something.

'When's the last time you saw your parents Achilles?'

'A few years ago.'

'Are you okay?'

'What kind of question is that Lisa?' He answered, completely monotone.

She stood in front of him.

'Are you guys coming over?' Aster shouted from the porch.

'Just a second.' Lisa yelled back.

She looked Achilles in the eye. 'Look, I know you probably hate me right now and I'm probably the last person you would want to talk to about anything, but if you do want to, you can with me, okay?' 

She grabbed his hand and then suddenly a jolt of something passed through her. 

She watched him smirk as he walked past her. 'I guess you're not the last person I would want to talk to.'

Lisa tried to shrug off what she had just felt and put it down to this weird energy that was between them at the minute. As she joined them on the porch, Aster rang the doorbell. They waited for a few minutes and there was no answer and finally Aster spoke after sighing.

'They knew we were coming, I phoned them.'

'You did what?' Achilles growled. 'Have you any idea how dangerous it was telling them about Lisa and I over the phone?'

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