The week went on like any other, the day after my passing out, I returned to normal, I had the odd little tingle in the tips of my toes and my fingers and that was that. I wasn’t as surprised to find Elijah  had returned to trying to make a move on me. During last lesson, I leaned onto the table, my head propped up on my hand, Elijah seeming to watch me closely, as if he were inspecting me. His hand rose, his palm pressing to my exposed arm, I shivered harshly, straightening my posture as I did. His hand, it had been so cold, why hadn’t I noticed it before? Shaking it off, I averted my gaze; god knows what he had thought of my actions. Glancing quickly at him, I noticed he cradled his own hand, staring contently at it, he rubbed the centre of his palm with the pad of his thumb. 

“Is something wrong?” I questioned, not bothering to ask why he had seemed so eager to touch my skin.

Raising his head slowly, he shook his head numerous times as he lowered his hands onto the table, his lips pursing as he returned his gaze to the front of the classroom. Lowering my hands onto my lap, I exhaled heavily, deciding to say nothing more on the matter.

Elijah seemed to be acting strange though, yes he tended to act weird most days, but this was different. Dismissing it, my mind was drawn to how Halloween was only 21 days away, thankfully for me I was prepared, I only needed to persuade my mother to decorate the house for the night.

The bell rang, most students – those who had already gathered their things – rose to their feet. Collecting my bag, I put it over my shoulder and stood up only seconds after Elijah had. He let me pass first; nodding only once, I then exited the classroom. He joined my side moments later, his hands hanging by his sides, again he seemed eager to hold mine. Dragging mine up into my pocket, I stepped out into the open, my black hair blown to one side with the harsh breeze. Having exited through the school gates, I turned to look to my left, a look of annoyance noticeable I caught sight of Sandra and her friends. Her cheek was dressed with a small plaster, I knew she would have probably overreacted for it hadn’t been that big of a scratch. As me and Elijah headed on down the road, I heard their voices come up behind me, picking up my speed, Elijah noticed as he too sped up quite a bit. 

“Hey, circus freak!” Sandra called out.

I chose to ignore her as I walked on, my head hung, my lips straightening. 

“Hey, didn’t you hear me!?” she called out again, so eager to provoke me. 

Elijah looked over at me, sighing softly, he shook his head in disapproval, not liking Sandra at all. 

“She heard you,” he snapped. He turned around all too suddenly, it wasn’t possible for someone to move so swiftly, but he had done it. “She just chooses not speak with vermin like you,” he spat. 

My eyes widened, I was shocked by how he had changed so suddenly, he had went from quiet and shy to loud and daring. And where had those sophisticated words come from? I had never heard him speak like that; it was all too weird for me.

“Oh, it’s you,” she began. “You’re the boy who so desperately wants to fuck her.” 

“I’m sure you’d let anyone fuck you,” he answered with the smallest of smirks, his greasy hair blown from his pale features. “You were born to work in a brothel,” he commented. 

All her friends stood and stared, mouths open wide, shocked by his remark. Sandra grunted, the sole of her foot colliding with the pavement. It was obvious she hadn’t thought of a comeback. Turning away from him, she folded her arms over her torso before storming off, her jaw clenched. Her friends soon followed, bitching whilst they did. 

Watching Elijah, I blinked numerous times; he said nothing on what had just happened; only turned away from the group of girls. Lowering his head, his hair fell back into his eyes that shy look returning, his small frown seen as he walked on. Having brought myself back, I jogged for a few seconds to join his side. 

Without thinking, my hand slipped into his, my fingers hanging loosely around his. He responded by tightening his grip only slightly, I welcomed his cold feeling as I continued on down the pavement. I glanced at him often, wondering where that outburst had come from. He seemed like such a different person than who he usually was. 

Finally parting with him, I pulled my hand from his, without a word, I just nodded my head once before stepping into my street. It was so hard to brush what had happened from my mind.

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