Chapter Eighteen: Without you I'm just a heartless human.

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Chapter Eighteen: Without you, I'm just a heartless human.

Friday Evening.

THE car was filled with off-key singing and games during the four-hour drive from Kingston to Oakridge.

But once the car stopped, Chris jumped on his best friend while Lydia was dragged out of the car and embraced by Kayla.

George and Lydia both knew that they both would be separated from each other at first.

Lydia's smile widened as Kayla's arms wrapped around her, "I've missed you, Kay."

Kayla squeezed her tighter and Lydia knew that was her answer. That Kayla had missed her as well.


"Whoa!" Chris exclaimed looking at Fredrick's computer screen.

Fredrick, Chris and George sat on the living room couch in the dorm room, searching about the team George has been offered to play for.

The scout at the last match was happy with his performance and left George with an offer to take part in the trails during the Christmas break. Then if he made it onto the panel there was a greater chance for him to make it onto a state team.

"Yeah, that's what I said," George mumbled, motioning to Fredrick to scroll down the webpage to see the trial dates.

Chris was proud of his brother from another mother. He knew that the team was giving him a hard time and George gave this a lot of thought. There were more pros than cons in this situation.

"Dude, this team is amazing," Fredrick stated looking at the games won by them. Nearly every match played was a win for them.

George smiled knowing that this is what he wanted to do, all he had to do was tell Lydia.



All he has to do is tell Lydia. Easy, right?

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