Part 25

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I have no idea how long I have been crawled up in my bed crying my eyes out, it just hurts so bad. I don't get how on TV people get over it in a day or two, in real life it is so much harder. My life hates me, it hates everyone I love. Everything I love will be taken away from me. 

My dog Baxter has been trying to cheer me up, but it isn't working. Cayden have been trying to get me to eat, I haven't ate since she died. It is been a week, I didn't show up at her funeral, I just couldn't I didn't care about Tom's threat, I just couldn't it just was to hard. It is kinda funny though, me a though gang leader, who didn't care about anyone a year ago, is now crying her eyes out. 

I heard someone opening the door, probably Cayden. "Princess? You need to eat something." He said. I don't think I can eat anything, I don't deserve food or anything at all. "No thank you." I can't do this to Cayden he don't deserve to have a girlfriend like me, he is a great guy. "Please, you need to eat something." He sat down on my bed. I sat up and looked at him. "Cayden, I can't do this to you. Setting you in danger, I love you to much for that." I said with tears in my eyes, ten continued. "We need to break up." "What?! No! I am not letting you." He was angry I could tell. 

"I don't want you in my life anymore, get your stuff out of here and get out." I said calmly but he didn't move. "GET OUT!! Get out I don't want you anymore!" I yelled at him throwing pillows at him. He got up and got his stuff, then he left. I let tears stream down my face while telling myself, 'He's safer now, you did the right thing'. I fell soon asleep, while crying.

I woke up in the motivation to take Marco down. I can't wait anymore it will happen today. I called my forth in command, because Rose was my second in command and Tom my third so...

My third in command is Alyssa, she is an excellent hacker, and she is one of my best fighters. I walked downstairs to get food, I know I was dramatic yesterday for not eating, but if I am going to take down a strong mafia I need protein. I got into the kitchen where Alyssa was standing making pancakes. She turned and looked at me, she ran to me and hugged me. "Hey Bitch how are you?" She asked concerned. "Better." I simply said.

Me and Alyssa ate while planing the attack, apparently Marco was coming to the states. He was already in the states, but he was coming to California aka where I live. I made sure that Cayden had snipers protecting him when Marco came. I already had people follow Cayden, but he needs extra protection when Marco comes. 

"So Marco is coming here on Saturday today is Wednesday so we have three days." Alyssa said chewing on a pancake. I nodded at her, I can't wait to take him down. Alyssa had informed the rest of the gang that we we're going to take down a mafia. What Alyssa did without me knowing is that she told the rest of the gang that it is me who is the leader not Tom. Of course this wasn't news for some gang members but for the rest it was a huge shock. 

"We need the gang to train their shooting and their combat, the mafia is merciless." I exclaimed. "I know, I hope Emilia is alright. Maybe we should get her back here?" She asked, I just nodded I completely forgot about Emilia. I felt kinda bad for forgetting about her, but kinda not. "Can you get her on the first plane here?" I asked her, I have to much to plan for the attack. 

"Yeah I'll get her on a plane, but you should really rest, I know you only slept yesterday." She said simply. She was right I haven't been sleeping because every time I close my eyes I see Rose's dead body i  front of me. 

"I'll try to sleep, but not for long wake me up in an hour okay?" I raised an eyebrow at her, she just nodded. I walked upstairs. I don't bother changing my clothes and jump into bed.

I soon fell into restless sleep.


This part was super dramatic, and I love it! Either way thanks for still reading my story, it is kind of cringe but whatever. 

Thanks for reading, blablabla.

Bye Bishes!

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