lemme tell you one thing

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So i basically said that I will do Laflams book of how they all meet.

We need to talk abt it

Idk which AU yet but im pretty much ...into middle world??

Idk how to explain but like there is war, one side wins, they live they life but they dont have electric i mean they do but they dont have phones etc.

Idk how to explain.


And there will be some....powers???

Also and slavery.

So this is all from me.

Also this is gonna be series of books.

The whole...serues is gonna be called : Priceless things

So guess imma also post it on AO3 (archive of our own)

The first book is gonna be where Ham and Laf meet and all shizt.

The second book is gonna be where John walks in their life.

The third book is gonna be abt Thaurens (Thomas x John) and Leerens (Lee x John) but kinda abusive

And the rest will be in my mind :)

Which I will also write.

Bye :3

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