Chapter 15

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"Can I get some help over here? I think he's waking up!" Adam could faintly hear a nurse as he regained some conscience. He groaned as a tough headache forced against his head. Blurriness obscured his vision, but he could vaguely make out different figures scattered around the room. Attempting to sit up, pain shot through his body and the nurse pushed him back down onto the hospital bed. He bit his teeth together to hold in the pain.

Someone was near to him; a young woman, perhaps. Her face was buried in her face and she gasped for air. She had been crying for a while. It was Rose. There was also another man hugging her into his chest-Tyler. Since his vision was unreliable, he couldn't recognize the two at the moment. What's going on? Adam wondered.

As soon as the monitor started screeching noises, Rose and Tyler perked up in sync and rushed over to his bedside. "Hey, buddy," Tyler started. His tired-looking eyes indicated that he'd also been crying. Adam returned a weak smile in response and tilted his head slightly to Rose.

"Hi, Adam," her face brightened up. "I was really worried about you...we both were." She looked over to Tyler. "I'm so sorry about the other night. There's just so much stress on me right now. I...I think I'm ready to start over."

"Rose?! It's so good to see you again. I can't believe you came here! What do you mean 'the other night'?"

His two friends stared at one another in shock. Has he forgot? Both asked themselves. With a gulp, she began again. "Adam, the doctor said you lost a lot of blood. They-they think you blacked out. What happened last night?"

"The last thing I remember was Tyler at my apartment. I don't know why I'm here, Rosy. And frankly, I don't know why you're here either. You have to help me." Droplets started to form in his eyes, followed by others. He really had forgot.

"Bud, the last time I was at your house was two days ago before we went out for supper. Remember?"

He thought hard. No sign of recognition crossed Adam's face. Stress overcame him and he broke down. "I DON'T UNDERSTAND!" He exclaimed. After taking a final exhale, he pouted salty tears. Nurses came by and shooed Rosemary and Tyler out of the room. Since they had nothing better to do, they traveled down to the cafeteria for a bite to eat. When she reached to her purse in order to pay, he stopped her. "Don't worry. I've got it." He stared into her eyes and held her gaze for a good three seconds. She couldn't help but release a little happiness; his smile was contagious.

"Well...I've been thinking. How did you and Adam meet anyway?"

"We went to the same youth group for years, but we never started talking until about six months ago. I think we both wanted a change from Seattle, so he suggested moving here-to Chicago. But he never told me about you until we moved here." When the last sentence exited his mouth, he smirked the same cute smile that stole her sight. But at the same time, something was stirring within Rose.


"Yep; Christian. Why does that surprise you?"

"Well, I never knew Adam was..."


"Yeah. That."

"Oh. Well, what do you believe?" She had never been asked that before. The words shot at her heart when she realized the question had never entered her mind before.

"I," she started but found no words to respond with. After a silence of thought, she still had no conclusion. "I don't know."

Emotionless, he made her an offer. "Why don't you come with me? To church?"

She couldn't imagine herself stepping foot in a religious building, but gave in when she noticed the eager look on his face.

They had finished eating long ago, but they continued talking. Rosemary shared her feelings about Adam. "I'm not sure what to do with Adam. I guess it's good that he doesn't remember our fight...but I still don't know if I want a relationship. Will he understand if I just want to be friends with him? He took it pretty badly even at my work." Exhaustion burst from inside of her as little tears streaked.

He laid his hand on her arm for comfort as she sniffled. "It's going to be okay. Don't worry; I'll be with you, through all of this. I promise." When she felt his touch, her head poked up and a delicate smile spread across her lips. Ty hauled her into his chest once again. His chin laid on top of her head and his arms wrapped around her. The fresh scent of cologne off of his t-shirt soothed her clenched muscles. For the first time in a while, she had finally felt relaxed.

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