Fifteen: Betrayed

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"Finn, stop! That tickles!" I say laughing as he kisses my neck.

"Well good morning to you too miss Millie." He says giving my cheek a peck.

"Good morning Finnie." I say back, putting my hands on his cheeks.

We smile at each other, enjoying each other's presence. I squeeze his cheeks together and whisper that he's so cute.

He smiles giddily down at me and kisses my nose making a shy blush appear to my cheeks.

"I'm going to Sadies today." I say to him and he groans into my neck.

"Whyyyy? I want you to stay with me." He complains like a child, his soft lips brushing my skin.

"Yeah? And what would we do all day Finn? We've been in my room for days doing nothing. I need some girl time." I say jokingly and drumming my fingers to a non-existent beat on his back.

"I don't care what we do. I just want to be with you, all the time." He says lifting his head up from my neck and smiling cheekily at me.

"Don't tell me you're falling inlove with me now, Finnie." I say in a teasing tone, poking his nose.

"You wish Mills, you wish." He says rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

"I need to go have a shower and get ready now Finn, you have to get off me."

"No." He grumbles.

"Then I won't kiss you for another two wee-"

"I'm up, I'm up." Finn says jumping off me and putting his hands up in the air, making me giggle loudly.

After getting ready and eventually convincing Finn to let me go to Sadie's, with many kisses, I was pulling up to the Sinks suburban home.

But I wasn't the only one there.

Just as I arrived and got out of my/mums car, the rat came out of the house with an evil smirk on his face. "Why hello Millie dearest." Jacob greeted me and I scoffed in distaste as a reply.

"What are you doing here Jacob?" I asked, whilst crossing my arms over and leaning on the door of my car.

"I was just having a wonderful chat with your bestest and most trusting friend Sa-"

"Jacob don't say anything!" A sobbing voice came running out the house and I shifted my eyes over to Sadie who looked like she was in the middle of an emotional breakdown with her red puffed cheeks and nose, and her watery eyes that had tears falling out of them.

I immediately pushed off of my car and walked towards are, bumping shoulders with Jacob on the way there. I immediately gripped her shoulders and brought her into a hug, her having to lean down slightly because she's decently taller than me.

"What's wrong Sades?" I ask her softly and she replies with a sob in my shoulder.

"Yeah, Sadie why don't you tell Millie here, what's wrong." The annoying voice from behind me says.

"I don't remember asking you Jacob." I say.

"Yo-your going to hate me." Sadie moves out of my grip and crouches to the ground and puts her head in her hands.

"Sadie, please just tell me."

"I can't!" She sobs louder and I turn back to Jacob.

"What's wrong with her? What did you do to her?" I say marching up to him and pointing my finger in his face.

"Oh don't worry butter cup, it's was we did." He says pointing between him and Sadie.

"What?" I say confused.

"I made a deal with Sadie. She tells you something that she's been hiding from you for months and I won't talk to you, Lilia or anyone you associate with again, and also won't leak your nudes." He pauses and I look at Sadie like she's crazy for not taking that deal and she looks up at me with her guilty eyes. "Or she won't tell you and I will leak everything tonight."

"Sadie please, please I'm begging. Please take the deal. If not for me, for lilia, for you. Just please." I say begging and crouching down to her position in the grass.

"You will hate me." She says clearly and strongly.

"It can't be that bad."

Can it?


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