JakuRamu | Valentine

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It was only one day left before Valentine, and Ramuda was still considering about whether to make something for his boyfriend or buy one at a nearby bakery.

However, he soon gave up thinking about it and asked Jakurai.

"Hey, want me to make you a cake for Valentine?"

Jakurai stopped reading the book and looked up.

"What led you to come up with the idea of a cake, instead of some chocolate as usual?"  Jakurai asked.

"I don't like the bitter taste of it." he replied.

"What in the world can be sweeter than you, my little lollipop? Anyway, make me a strawberry one, please. So, would you mind wasting your tomorrow evening with me?"

"Obviously." Ramuda blushed.


-and then someone read cake-baking books voraciously in his free time, his break and long evenings when usually he was sleeping in bed, despite his laziness ╮(╯3╰)╭

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