Bathrooms / The Beginning

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His face is close enough to mine that I can hear how rich and rough his voice is, only adding to how absolutely frantic I am.

Did his voice really have to sound like that on top of everything else? How is that even fair.

I flick my eyes to his, heat spreading over my cheeks and I am so god damn relieved the lighting in here is deep red otherwise I'd look like an idiot.

Well.....more of an idiot.

I straighten up immediately, and he follows my action, standing in front of me and looking down at me as his tall from shadows over me.

He cocks his brow at me, encouraging me to answer his question.

"No, I just like this spot" I lie like a moron, mentally face palming myself at how strangled my voice came out.

He nods acknowledging my answer, looking entertained by it. I watch him eye me with that same amusement, dragging his eyes down my body and back up to my face with no shame what so ever.

There's really not much to look at here, I'm in torn up jeans and a band t-shirt, I'm not exactly dressed to impress anyone.

He's probably thinking about how ridiculous I look dressed like this in a club at 2am.

He reaches forward and grabs a piece of my long black hair and twirls it between his fingers, staring at it before bringing his eyes back to mine "I like your hair" he compliments with that same damn smirk.

You know what? If you like it so much, you keep it and just let me go home.

Shave my head at this point and just let me run out of here.

I chew on my lip nervously, squeaking out a thank you and darting my eyes across to Sophie who is now stood next to Mark, both facing us and she is absolutely basking in our interaction.

He chuckles to himself over how nervous I look, shifting back and forth on my feet and compulsively toying with the hem of my t-shirt.

Maybe if I pull on the back of my shirt hard enough I can just strangle myself and this will all be over.

God why hasn't he left yet!

I suck in all of the air around me when he leans down, his lips grazing against my ear "Will you come with me while I have a smoke? I could use the company"

He pulls back, his hooded eyes watching my face for my reaction.

The smoking area is out the front of the club, maybe if I agree to go out there I can just make a break for it and tell Sophie I wasn't feeling well and head back to her house.

This has to be the liquor dictating my actions because I nod back awkwardly,  glancing at Sophie who has an infuriating shit eating grin across her face.

The mystery man leans over to Sophie, speaking into her ear causing her eyes to widen and then she nods, looking towards me knowingly.

Please be a serial killer and plotting to murder me and Sophies just agreed to let him.

The man turns, giving me a wide smile that makes my heart slam against my rib cage again as he reaches down and wraps his large hand with my small one leading me away from them.

I try to ignore the warm feeling that spreads through my whole body like a virus once his hand is around mine.

I better be going to get murdered, or I'm going to be pissed.

Panic shoots straight through me when I notice he is leading me in the opposite direction of the front door, instead turning and leading me up the stairs I had watched him come down minutes earlier.

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