Her Own Children

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I watched Bella as she fidgeted nervously with the edges of the blanket that Renesmee had sent her. She wanted to see our children, but she was so nervous that they'd figure out that she didn't remember them. "Bella, stop fidgeting."

She glared at me, her hands finally stilling for a moment, "I'm sorry if seeing my children," our children, I corrected mentally, "for the first time is making me a nervous wreck, and annoying you, but you'd feel the same way if it was you doing this."

I chuckled as she showed her kitten anger, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. You just need to remember what I told you. Renesmee's nickname is Nessie. Her best friend is Jacob and they've claimed that they're going to get married someday. She is more like Alice than most of us would like, but you can't help but love her anyway. She has a love of all things natural, taking every opportunity she can to go to Forks to go camping and fishing with your father. She loves animals, but she has a strange obsession with canines, specifically wolfs."

My expression became a little more serious as I continued. "She's probably going to ask you if you're in a fight with your husband."

Bella's eyes locked with mine and she stopped fidgeting again. "Why would she ask me something like that?"

I looked down at her chart, unable to look her in the eyes as I spoke, "Let's just say your husband hasn't been acting like himself lately. She's afraid that her parents might be in a fight."

I was glad that she didn't question the subject any further, because I wasn't sure what answers there were to give her. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Not that I can think of. Alice will be here to help you along if anything should stump you. I don't think you'll have a problem, though. Nessie has spent a lot of time with Alice, so she's picking up her over active, talk too much tendencies. By the end of the visit, you will know more about your daughter than you know about Elizabeth Bennett, and that's saying something considering that you're senior thesis was actually on the compare and contrast of Elizabeth Bennett to other heroines of her time."

I watched her relax slightly. I couldn't even begin to imagine how she felt. I wanted to see how Bella would react to this visit, to see if there was anything else that she would remember, but I couldn't be in the room. Nessie would no doubt give away my identity in the first few seconds. I mean, I feel like her calling me Daddy might be a dead giveaway. And Mason's eyes were identical to my own.

My phone rang and I picked it up off the counter, "Hey Alice."

"We're on our way up." She said excitedly. I could just imagine her bouncing on the balls of her feet as she spoke, if not jumping up and down like she was jumping rope.

"Okay, I'll meet you by the elevator." I hung up and looked over at Bella. "Okay, Alice is coming up with Nessie and Mason. I'm going to leave you in her capable hands."

Her eyes met mine, and there was a tiny bit of worry in them, "You're not staying?"

I shook my head, hating the fact that not only could I not stay, but I also couldn't comfort her. "I have some paper work that I really need to get done, and this is really the perfect opportunity. Trust me, with Alice and Nessie, you won't even notice that I'm gone."

She nodded her head, though I could tell that she wasn't completely convinced. But I couldn't stick around any longer. Alice would come bursting through the door before I had the chance to get out of the room if I didn't leave, and then she would say it was an accident. So with one last look at my beautiful Bella, I headed out through the hall.

I reached the elevator right as Nessie came barreling through the doors. "Daddy! Aunt Alice brought us in to see Mommy. She says that Mommy's feeling better and asked to see us."

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