7: Visit??

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LATELY, SUSIE would always come to my place and help me out with the project. However, nothing much really happens. We always suddenly end up procrastinating instead. But if we ever done something useful, that would only be cleaning my room.

I waved my hand goodbye as Susie walks out of the door.

Later on, I start doing the project since Susie won't really help me with this. It seems like she still has this bad attitude with her even when she seemed to change a bit after our series of unfortunate events.

3 hours had passed and then it's now 7:00PM. I still kept on doing the project despite how hungry I am.

Suddenly, mom knocked thrice the door and said that it was time for dinner.

I stood up and walked outside.

While walking on the hallways, I looked to my right. It was a calendar. An ordinary calendar. But there was something else that caught my attention there.

He will visit home again!

It's encircled at the next day.

I asked mom about this and then she replied

"Oh? Asriel is coming home!"

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