doodles and scribbles

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eleven hopper and michael wheeler were in complete awe with each other, no doubt about it.

in fact, the couple had the tendencies to know the littlest things about each other, such as the other's order at scoops, the ice cream shop that had just opened at the new starcourt mall, or the amount of freckles scattered across their faces.

strange things like that.

but there was one thing michael didn't know about his crush, and that was the lilac notebook she always had in her bedroom.

it was tucked away on her bookshelf, in between the anne of green gables series hopper had given her earlier that year.

he remembered the first time he saw her doodling in the notebook, a wide grin plastered on her face.

it was the middle of march in the small town of hawkins, indiana, and a light drizzle of rain pattered at the windows of the hoppers cabin.

inside the cabin sat a freckle-faced boy named mike, and a whimsical girl commonly referred to as, "el," who treasured ever moment they had alone together.

mike watched his girlfriend smittenly, admiring every aspect of her.

she was dressed in a pair of sweatpants that were five times to large, and was wearing one of mike's oversized sweaters. he could just simply stare at her for hours and not get bored.

a light giggle escaped from her parted lips as she averted her gaze from her notebook to mike.

"why are you looking at me?" she blushed a light pink, a small smile creeping up on her face.

she knew exactly why he was looking, she always did. she just enjoyed messing with him.

"uh, n-no reason." he scooted closer to her, attempting to peer over her shoulder and look at what she was writing in her notebook.

"don't look!" el exclaimed hastily, closing the notebook quickly and her already massive fawn eyes widening.

"why not?" mike frowned, tilting his head and scrunching his eyebrows.

"because it's embarrassing." el tilted her head downwards to hide the deep shade of red that was painted on her cheeks.

"don't hide your pretty face from me," mike laughed lightly, taking her fragile hand into his.

el rolled her eyes and lifted her head up, chewing on her lip.

"why is it embarrassing?" mike asked the girl.

"because the stuff in here is... a secret, i guess." el shrugged as she used one of her hands to place the notebook on the table.

"s-secret? are you okay? is someone trying to-" mike began to ramble, his joyful expression replaced with a concerned one.

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