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Olivine's pov

The bell rings loudly waking me up from my daze. I look up at Mrs. Meadows, who smiles at all of us.
It's a bit overwhelming that two years ago when I came to Westbrook High, I was a nobody. And now, I'm still a nobody. But it's almost towards the end and after a few months... Poof I'll be off.

I smile at that delightful thought of leaving school.
"okay everyone. Next week, come prepared. Read chapters one to four carefully. " everyone groaned at this. Of course she was going to take a surprise test.
How subtle!

"and there goes our sleep over. " Tess said walking down the hall with me.
"well, we can always do a group study thing. " I suggested with made Tess sigh.
"really? As if we ever study during group studies!! " she said making both of us laugh.

"anyway, you're coming to shopping with us right? There's this sale at H&Ms that you seriously can't miss. " she asked as we keep our books inside our dented lockers.

"can't, I have Drama club auditions today. " I said looking at her with a sad expression.
"oh God, you seriously have to like do that? What's the use of joining the drama club anyway!? " she said whining.

I take out my literature and calculus homework and shove it in my bag.

"it's of no use, but I really want to join. I mean something to remember after we leave right? " I looked at her giving her a half smile.

"yeah yeah, not that you get any time to think about this stuff after we leave, if you know what I mean that is. " she said winking at me and walked away after a bye.

I smiled and started walking towards the drama room down the hall when my eye locked with his... Well, his lips.

They were swollen signalling that he had just kissed someone. His tongue went over his lip ring and a small smirk formed on his lips.
He had caught he staring.

I looked in his eyes and saw him nod his head slightly greeting me and I just smiled.
But this smile was rubbed off when my face collided with the floor.

"never look at things you can't have nerd. " I heard Shelby the school whore and the most popular girl laugh.

I stood up and brushed off the dirt from my jacket.

"you know I can't help but wonder, does it please you to treat others bad so that you can stay on the top? " I said looking at her smiling.

"oh please shut the hell up you nerd, who are you? Just a nobody. " she said crossing her arms with a smug smile on her fake and glossy pink lips.

"oh yeah? Well, I will be the one signing paychecks and deals, while you will be the one begging for a job. " I said and turned around walking away. There was a chorus of ohhhs in the hall.

"did you see how she talked to me Nick? " she whined most probably clinging on to Nicholas who was supposed to be her boyfriend, just because he was the most popular boy and she was the most popular girl.

"you should only mess with people, you can handle Shell... " and a satisfying and proud smile formed on my face.

After visiting the washroom I came out and started walking towards the Drama room but was pulled by someone mid way.

"wha-- Nicholas " my voice subsided once I saw who it was. Nicholas smirked as always and grabbed my thighs putting me up on a bench.

"that was the best one." he said smiling at me referring to the Shelby incident and I smiled.

"yeah? It turned you on? " I asked jokingly. But to my surprise (well, not really) he nodded his head and started kissing up my neck while sucking and biting on it.

"what? Nicholas I have auditions!" I said pulling him away by his hair and looking at him.

" I have football practice in fifteen. " he mumbled rubbing his hands up and down my sides.

"I have auditions in ten. " I said biting my lip looking at him.

"good. I only need five. " he said making me laugh as he went back to his job making me thank God that I was sitting instead of standing cause my knees were already weak.
A smile appeared on my face, living and loving my life as

Nicholas Green's nerd with benefits...

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