Meggy Part 2

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Here is the second part of this..



In the end, Peggy finnaly found herself a costume.

She was Elphaba, witch from Wicked.

Maria found a witch hat and some black long ass tunic for witches, even if it hadn't look same as from the musical nor book.

Maria put some green mask on her skin so she could look directly like her.

Now there was a problems, her hair.

Peggy's hair was really curly and Maria needed flat iron. Since Elphaba had straight hair.

But somehow they managed.

And here they are.

In their school gym, but everything was taken from.

There was tables with food, drinks.

People chattering with teachers.

Some younger kids came also here.

Peggy was drinking punch next to wall, waiting for her gf and sisters.


She heard a squel.

"Hey Eliza!" She smiled and hugged her sister.

"Wow, great costume!" Eliza said.

Peggy smiled.

She knew she wasn't making it up, nor lying cause her sister was trusting and honest.

Eliza was dressed as Sansa, chick from Game of Thrones.

Even tho Sansa had orange hair, Eliza had completely brown hair.

But guess it is okay, Peggy shrugged.

"Hey guys!" Angelica came joining to them, drinking wine.

"Hey Angi!" Peggy smiled.
"They have wine here?" Eliza asked.

Angelica took a sip before nodding.

Eliza went to take herself a wine.

Soon Peggy felt some tugging at her dress.

It was a little girl around age of 6, her hair all fancy-like, her dress blue.

She was dressed up in Cinderella.

"Hello, how can I help you?" Peggy smiled.

The girl shook her head and smiled then gave Peggy a note.

Peggy looked at girl confused who just giggled and ran off.

Peggy sighed and opened the note.

’heyyy babe, come to janitor office~'


Peggy gulped.

That is right, she havent seen Maria whole morning.

She went out of party and went through long hallway down to janitor's office.

Peggy gasped when Maria took her in.

"Hey babey...~" Maria smiled, looked at Peggy fondly.

Peggy smiled but oh d a m n

Maria was hottie.

She was Little Red Riding Hood.

She had hood, black dress but her cleavege was pretty much visible.

Oh and then stockings and heels.


"What?? You like it?" Maria smiled and kissed her girlfriend.

"Mhmmm" Peggy agreed in kiss.

Both of them started grinding while making out, Peggy was playing with lace of Maria's hood, and then put her hand and squeezed her boob.

Maria let out glorius moan.

"Ahh Peggy....~" She moaned.

"Hush baby, you dont want them to find us, do you? Now lemme take care of you." Peggy said, pinning Maria on table, spreading her legs as Maria just wrapped her legs around Peggy waist and they both kissed.

Peggy was holding Maria's wrist with one hand, her other hand travelling down, between her legs.

Maria let out small squeel as Peggy smirked.

"Ohooohohho~ what do we have here?" Peggy cruelly smiled as her fingers bruce over plug.

"P-peggy..." She snifled.

"Shh I would like to tease you but we gotta done it fast. Tonight I might finish this..." She said hungrly, her eyes lustfull.

Maria nodded moaned once again as Peggy started grinding to her again, forcing plug to fuck her.

"O-oh God..." She whimpered in pleasure.

"Shhh" Peggy hushed her.

Peggy began to violently push plug in, making Maria to moan even more after she was silenced by Peggy's sweet deep kiss.

Maria then let out sigh of pleasure as Peggy kissed down her neck, her collar bone and she went to her chest, kissing both of them through clothing making Maria go excited and bucking her hips to Peggy.

Peggy let out chuckle.

She knew Maria wad close, but where fun is that to tease her?

Peggy stepped off, smiling as if nothing happend.

Maria gasped in shock.

"Babe, we better hurry, we dont wanna be late for cake." Peggy simpered teasingly.

Maria's face fell.


Peggy already shut the door.

All what could she say suffering scream in frustation.

The night is gonna be long.

The end


Here is the second part!

Sorry there is not much of smut.

But i hope yall still enjoyed in :D

Ok imma sleep cuz its rlly late.


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