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jimin closed the door with a loud shut, thinking his roomate hasn't arrive yet. or so he thought...

jungkook on the other hand, heared the sound but didn't think of it, thinking it was just an object that fell with a small thud. yes a small sound, because the wall's so thick (thoseainttheonlythingthatsthick)– in short, soundproof.

he continued thrusting in the girl (that he met at a club), chasing his climax. the unamed girl kept moaning under him, jungkook cringed at how high the pitch is, but bared with it until he reaches his climax.

jimin, in the other hand, followed the small high pitched sound, thinking it was a cat– kitten, more preferable. 'maybe it's my roomate's kitten..' the sound got louder as he neared the destination that is an open room. yes, an open room, if you consider a small gap.

jimin halted his steps.

'wouldn't he get mad?' after ten seconds, his hand is already in the knob, ready to push it...

only for him to regret doing it.

a male on top of a female, at the right (not for jimin) time the male released a deep moan as the girl clawed the man's back, probably coming at the same time with her partner.

just as jungkook was about to drop down and lay on the other side on the bed for a bit, they both heared a squeak followed by multiple steps and a loud sound of a door shutting.

jungkook do not know how to feel about what he just discovered. of course he ain't that cocky, he also feels embarrassed.

well who wouldn't be embarrassed when it's your
housemate , whom you're going to live for a while, has a first impression of you as a playboy— and not just only that, he caught you fucking some slut who pushed their self onto you, and won't stop until you fuck them. fucking great right.

jungkook do not know now how to approach the gIRL (?)– well judging from the girl like squeak, but aren't squeaks like girls 'cause it's high pitched. oh now he doesn't know whether his housemate is a female or male.

why is he stressing about these things? well he doesn't know why either.

he just shooed the girl who whined (which is so fucking annoying, he didn't even bother to send her to her house, well only because she's the one who came by herself and claimed it herself that she sneaked out (only to get fucked(?) wtf?)

jimin on the other hand, heared the door shutting, but didn't bother to face his roomate.

well.. yet.

he doesn't even know how to face his housemate. oh boy how much he want to rewind the time. if it's not for his curiosity, this wouldn't happen.

jimin shook his head, and forget about what happened. he doesn't want to stress about it, or else something might happen..


yep, the prolouge might actually suck, but i actually do not know if it's good. please tell me what y'all honestly think 'bout it. anyways, i'm going to write the book after i finish "my perverted stepbrother".


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