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After dinner James takes Sacha on a walk to her house. It's already dark but because of the clouds there aren't any stars visible.

"Did you like it?" Sacha asks as she notices James silence.

"I liked the dinner and the date, except the whole thing about the glasses..." James sighs.

"Don't let the negative shadow over the good..." Sacha mentions carefully.

"I'm just scared to be bullied more."

Sacha hugs him. "Don't worry." James cheeks burn red, hugging her back and not letting go. They stop hufging, look for a moment in each other eyes and continue to walk again. They enter the lane Sacha's living. Sacha sighs, she hates her home. James knocks on the door.

Sacha's mum opens and glares at her daughter for being away so much. The mother looks over at James "thanks for bringing her home." she pulls Sacha inside and shuts the door before They could say their byes to each other....

James makes a movement to leave, bites the inside of his lip and goes to a window, spying almost invisible to what happens inside. He hears the mother snapping angrily at Sacha. James sighs, these are not the type of things he could help with... He goes home.

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