"I think," I began to speak then stopped.

My mind wasn't in the right state for words. I thanked my training back at Gat Shiem and all the long hours Bulldog had me performing Zanshin in the pond to make my body more fluid and responsive to attack and counterattacks.

I stilled my heart and mind, tuning into the sounds and movements of Charlese's body. Through a state of Mushin and stance of Zanshin, I was able to learn that the Sol Saviour was intended as a harvesting tool to gather chiorntex power of a vast magnitude for a greater purpose Charlese wasn't aware of. There was something else I saw within her body, I wasn't sure whether I should tell Leinard.

I provided an answer to the Evadale Knights' questions.

"What?" I naively asked, noticing the silent shock from the men.

"Lass, dat be Zen?" Gavin blinked with disbelief.

"You're a hiruda monk?!" Cass gasped. "Oddly, this makes sense. Yet bizarre and very creepy."

"I'm not a monk," I coolly answered.

"You did Mushin. I'm pretty sure that's what it was. As far as I know, only monks from Gat Shiem know this."

I raised my eyes, trying to work out how I was going to address Cass's comment that wouldn't spurn on other pesky questions.

"Anyway, we know what our king and Illuminate Group are working on. So, I think we should redirect our attention on the purpose driving the manufacturing of that telescope." Leinard broke in to draw the men's attention back to the matter at hand.

I sighed, thankful for his intervention.

The knights tossed theories, which stirred healthy arguments on the matter. They eventuated on one theory, High King Sirius was seeking world power to retain his autocracy.

"If Our Highness was able to wield the power of Chiorntex, fashion Sol to his whim—" Cass ended his comment with a shudder. "He's the High King? Do we even have the right to intervene on the matter?"

"Knights. Do not forget our credo and our role as the independent faction. 'Oreka bilatzen dugu ordena mantentzeko. We seek balance to keep order.' As per the blood pledge made between our king and the order's founder - High Prince Brystagg." Deacon firmly reminded the knights. "If the High King, himself, is planning to tip a balance, we must correct this as per our credo."

"Then I offer the Evadale Knight Order my assistance." A woman intruded on our conversation.

We watched an Illuminate officer of high rank enter our group. She was around the same age as Deacon, possibly well past thirty, so the curves of her body was mature, as well as her calm two-tone brown-green eyes. Her face showed many lines and wrinkles of a person having to withstand the harsh sun for many hours and days.

"Admiral Addison. Here for the party are we?" Deacon superficially greeted her. He also greeted the two junior officers that came at her rear.

"The party is over Deacon, and no, I'm here for the same reason you are, to see what our gracious king is up to." Admiral Addison answered without mincing her words. "And, what my star pupils are hiding from me."

Her eyes showed a fleeting expression of shock when they noticed me standing next to Leinard and Colin.

"Why are you still standing here?" she asked me.

"Excuse me?"

"Clinton!" she shouted a boy's name.

A lanky freckled face boy soldier, whose hands was trembling by his side, stepped forward.

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