chapter forty-four ; say something

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november. 2010

Finn was driving thirty MPH over the speed limit as he did his best to not cause an accident. With at least four or five million dollars in the backseat of the truck he'd bought from a stranger, he knew he had to get home as fast as possible.

The only thing left to do was take Mike's advice. Leave town. Finn had to get his family together so they could flee the city. Both gangsters and cops would soon be on the lookout for Finn, and they were sure to want him dead or alive.

Finn pulled his phone out of his pocket and swiftly dialed the number of his trusty lawyer. He recalled Sean talking about a man that could easily change anyone's identity and move them to wherever they needed to go. Finn thought about that poposition often and it was finally time to use that option. It was the only real choice he had left.

"It's your friendly lawyer, Sean Aston. What can I do for you Finnlard?" The man asked cheerfully while spinning around in his desk chair. Finn grunted. There was no time for jokes and Finn simply wanted to be serious.

"Everything is screwed." Finn stated while continuing to drive like an absolute mad man. "I need you to contact that guy that can change our identities. My uncle is dead, I've lost Millie's location, a group of bloodthirsty gangsters want me dead, and I just gotta get my family to safety."

Sean pursed his lips and pulled out his large book of phone numbers. He flipped through the pages until he found the guy he was looking for. Chosen Jacobs. That wasn't his real name of course, but nobody knew his real name.

"How many of you are going to need his services?" Sean questioned.

Finn took a moment to add it up in his head. "Myself, my mom and dad, my sister Natalia, and my baby sister Holly. So five of us." The boy answered.

Sean took a deep breath and put some numbers into his calculator. Changing the identities of five people was going to be expensive. He was hoping that Finn would be able to afford it all.

"It's probably gonna cost ya around five hundred thousand." The lawyer informed his young client.

Finn scoffed and harshly turned the steering wheel. "It doesn't matter. I have all the money I need."

The storm was upon them and they had to act hastily. There was no time to think about small details. All that Finn was focused on was getting to his family and making sure that they would be safe.


"Who's truck is that?" Karen asked her daughter whom was in the passenger seat as they pulled into the driveway of their house. Natalia shrugged. She'd never seen it before in her life.

Finn suddenly walked out of the house carrying as much luggage as he could fit in his arms. He ran over and threw it into the back of the truck. He was slightly relieved when he saw his mother and sister slowly approaching him.

"Call dad and tell him to get here as fast as he can. You girls go inside and pack everything you need. We have to leave now." The tall boy stated while he rushed back inside the house.

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