Body Guard

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"Ms. Irene this is Ms. Kang she's the best of the best" said Jackson.
"And she will be your bodyguard!" Jackson added as he smiled politely to Irene.

Irene's eyes were wide open as she saw Seulgi. Although, she felt a cold vibe from her. Seulgi just stood there without saying a word with a cold look in her face.

"Hey Kang! Take Ms Irene with you, Mr. Bae and I have to discuss some things" said Jackson.

Seulgi held the door open for Irene as they both walked outside the room. Irene then decided that she wanted to go home because in two days she has to go to work again. They both walked in the elevator, Irene went in first then Seulgi. It was dead silent between the two with Seulgi facing the door while Irene was standing at the corner behind her.

"I didn't know you work as a bodyguard" said Irene but didn't get a response from Seulgi.
"How've you been?" she asked but still didn't get a response.

The doors to the elevator opened and Irene thought to herself "Why isn't Seulgi saying anything, and what's with the look?

The family butler of the Bae's  was waiting for the two outside the building. Seulgi then greeted him with a smile and introduced herself. Irene was sort of jealous by it and wondered why she didn't answered her questions or even looked at her. Before the car was about to drive off, Jackson ran outside handing her some papers.

"I apologize Ms. Irene, I forgot to hand you these papers. Please read them thoroughly. It has important details as to what you can ask Seulgi to do for you, other than just being your guard. But there things that are limited so please read it well" said Jackson as we waved goodbye to her.

Irene's Mansion
As soon as the they arrived to Irene's home, Irene speed walk to her room not realizing Seulgi was behind her. Before Seulgi could've entered the room Irene had already slammed the door on her face.

"She's always like that, but you'll get use to her" said the curvy lady and added "My name is Hyejin by the way but you can call me Hwasa. I'm Irene's manager."
"Hello my name is Seulgi i'm her bodyguard" Seulgi replied.
"She's had bodyguards in the past and she hated how they always followed her" Hwasa added.
"I'll show you to your room" Hwasa then guiding Seulgi to her room which was right next to Irene's room.

Irene's POV
"I wonder why Seulgi acts like she doesn't know me. I mean I know she had amnesia but we talked at the restaurant.... And how can she act so cold towards me... She won't even try responding to my questions... What makes me even more mad is that she smiled at Sebastian (the butler) and introduced herself too..." said Irene as she was getting undressed to take a bath.

"Hey Irene are you busy" said Hwasa as she opened the door.
"No I was just getting ready to take a bath" she replied.
"Well some needs to talk to you" Hwasa added as Seulgi went in.

Hwasa left the room leaving the two alone.

"Ms. Bae i'd like you to wear this from now on, it's water resistant and please don't remove it" said Seulgi as she handed a red box to Irene.
"What's this"
"It's a bracelet that serves as a tracking device. There two buttons on it, press the red one if you're in danger, and the blue when you need assistance. Also I heard your favorite color is pink so it has a pink pearl on it so the bracelet won't look too plain" said Seulgi but still has a cold look in her face.

Irene thanked Seulgi as she appreciated the thought of making the bracelet look pretty. And before Seulgi could've walk towards the door, Irene tripped on her heels that was laying on the ground as she was walking Seulgi out the door and fell on top of Seulgi. The two groan in pain not realizing Irene was on top of Seulgi. As they both opened their eyes, Irene saw Seulgi's face was completely red as she was staring at her and that's when she realized that her towel had come of leaving her completely naked sitting on top of Seulgi. Without looking Irene grabbed a cloth that was on her bed throwing it to Seulgi's face so she can't see her and sprinted to the bathroom. Seulgi then grabbed the the cloth that was on her face finding out that it was Irene's black lace underwear. She laid the black lace underwear on the bed and walked out the room.

To be continued.

Misosorry for the lack of update!

College is not fun! But since it is winter break i can start writing again!😉

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