My new school seems nice

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When I woke up the next morning, I didn't even want to get out of bed. My warm sheets were so comfortable, and even though my environment was not what I was used to, I just wanted to sleep a few minutes longer.

But I was very well aware of how much I had on my schedule today and I was not about to fall behind.

Yawning, I walked through my messy flat and quickly poured myself a much-needed cup of coffee. After turning on my phone, some notifications immediately came rushing in.

As always, the flood of information was crazy: Twitter, Instagram and chats were filled with news, some unnecessary and some quite interesting.

One message from Elena caught my eye and had me almost spitting out my coffee. It involved the usual drama, and boy, did I love drama!

Elena's boyfriend, Stefan, and her had been together for about a year now. They were happy, yet still, like any ordinary couple, they had their ups and downs.

Many of them involved Stefan's brother Damon. Damon was, what you could call, a man with no morals. Or maybe he possessed them and just didn't like showing them.

Either way, he loved flirting. He flirted with almost any girl, yet the one he liked hitting it off with the most was his brother's girlfriend. And apparently, the newest tea was that Damon had gotten way too close this time.

According to Elena, they had almost kissed before she'd stopped him. Unbelievable. Just as I left, the drama stirred up?

I answered Elena while eating breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen afterwards. I still had boxes to unpack and thus, I spent the entire day fixing up the flat.

Doing what I did best, I organized and moved things around as I pleased. It was actually kind of fun to make my new living space comfortable and I felt quite good about my progress when I saw the result.

I had made sure to put up pictures of my friends all around my living room and bedroom, to capture the feeling of having them close to me despite the distance.

My favorite shoes and jackets were positioned in plain sight in my small open wardrobe at the door, for everyone to see. This was basically my way of stating right of the bat: "hey, look at me, I have a very good sense of fashion". Or it was only due to me seriously loving my belongings and wanting them to be readily wearable whenever heading out.

Speaking of! As the evening was slowly creeping in, I felt my stomach act up in hunger. I hadn't eaten anything since this morning, yet I was too lazy to make myself dinner. It seemed like a good idea to head out and go to a bar or restaurant to grab a bite with the added benefit of exploring the city during my search for a decent place.

The internet delivered the spots with the highest rating and affordable prices and I found a very nice restaurant in the city center. It was a bit of a walk, but I didn't mind. The fresh air would be good for me, especially after I having spent the entire day inside.

Even at this later hour, when the sun was starting to set, people were out on the streets, living the city life to the fullest. Admittedly, New Orleans was beautiful, and the warm atmosphere had a welcoming touch to it.

My eyes roamed through the streets, lingered on couples and friends eating ice cream or drinking milkshakes, and then went on to small shops behind glass windows, which were almost whispering for me to go in and look around.

One bar on the sidewalk appeared to capture this feeling the most. There was music on the inside and the customers seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves to the fullest. This wasn't the place I had originally planned to go and yet, I felt drawn to it.

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