Chapter Seventeen: I have questions and you're the only one with the answer.

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Chapter Seventeen: I have questions and you're the only one with the answer.

Friday morning.

LYDIA was packed and ready to escape the college life for the weekend when George returned from his lecture.

She still didn't know why George was upset yesterday or why they were both visiting Chris this weekend. Though she didn't mind, she would do anything to see George happy.

Her phone ringing made her jump in surprise. "My heart," Lydia mumbled to herself before picking up her phone. Kayla was calling her.

"What's up with George?"

Startled by the question, Lydia furrowed her eyebrows. What was wrong with George?

"Chris has been acting weird since they ended the FaceTime last night. Chris Miller acting weirder than usual is creepy, Lid."

Lydia racked her brain to figure out why Chris was acting 'weird' but couldn't find an answer. She hadn't seen George all morning to see if he was acting weird too.

"Maybe he's just excited about the visit?" Lydia tried to convince her best friend but knew it was a long shot.

She knew Kayla was hanging out with Chris more and knew his moods by now. Her sigh told Lydia she was right, she didn't believe her.

"Lydia, Chris isn't excited, no offence. He's panicked." Then Lydia ended the call as the apartment door opened.

She turned to see George smiling brightly at her, "you ready?"

Nodding, Lydia showed him her pink suitcase of the couch. George seemed to be acting normal, so why was Chris panicked? Why it because of the call or our visit?

George knew something was bothering her. He could see it once he entered the room, her lips pursed as if she was trying to figure out the impossible.

Kissing the top of her head, George picked up her suitcase, "let's get going then."


I like where this book is going. Though it's going to take a while to get there so hold on tight.

Do you guys like how the two books are in one or would you rather two separate books? :)

KateAnnee :)

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