Where is Drac?

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The pool party was better than I imagined. The entire monster pack came for the fun...except the elder vampire. I don't mean Vlad; he was in his Speedos, flirting with a bunch of witches. Drac didn't show up, ever since he left the date in a hurry, although he promised me to come after.

What a liar!

But the vampire didn't have any choice. The way I played with my straw and stripped off, revealing my bikini, aroused him. He didn't come out of his coffin, until he calmed down. It had been a long time for him to experience, such strong emotions, mentally and physically. At one side, he was amazed to be overwhelmed by me, but on the other side...he was embarrassed. Imagine, if Jonny knew what was really going on with him. Drac rather not know about that. At this point, he got worried, of how I see him now. Was I angry, because he left? Will I leave him? What if she falls for someone else? The vampire was in a horrible state, hoping that I forgive him.

I was far from that.

Not aware of his worries, I had no reason to forgive him. I face Mavis husband concerned, "How long those one vampire need to drain his dragon?"

"I didn't know he had a pet!" shouted the boy amazed, that I knew something he did not. I frowned, "I meant his toilet break! It can't take him that long?!"

I faced the hotel, a little unsure, "Should I go and check on him?"

"No need dear"

Drac's father heard us talking, telling us not to worry, "This crybaby even peed in his pants as a child and I bet that is what happened." Jonny and I agreed on this, not bothered to waste more time on discussing this. I just ask him the next time I see him...problem solved.

Vlad on the other hand, enjoyed being around me. He raised his arm and placed it on my shoulder, "You know, you should feel lucky having a man as Drac on your side." I raised my brow, "And why should I be?" Vlad grinned, "As you can see, after centuries pass, we Dracula's are still smoking hot." Eyeing the ancient vampire in his Speedos, I wasn't sure of how to reply.

Wow, what a luck woman indeed, I thought. From the outside, I forced a smile on my lips while nodding slowly.

"I knew you couldn't resist this body of a god" he blew me a kiss before leaving me alone. Right now, I feel like I am in the wrong movie! How much confidence does this man have?!

Mavis noticed how pale my face went and came over, "N/A, are you alright?" "That depends on how you see it" I said, not getting this image out of my head...Drac in Speedos. A chill went down my spine. "Did grandpa Vlad say something bad to you?" she asked, touching my face. "Not really, it just felt like he was hitting on me." To my surprise, Mavis laughed at that, "Ah I see. Grandpa Vlad as always found you attractive, from the very beginning. He said you resemble his wife a lot." "Oh" no one told me that before.

"What did he say to you?" she kept on pushing.

"Oh, just how hot his wrinkles are and how lucky I am, to get my own Chinese shar pei one day."

"And what is bad about that?"

I shrugged, "Nothing really, I find them rather cute."

"The wrinkles or this sharp eye?" Mavis didn't understand what I was trying to say. I didn't blame her; it was my own fault to talk like that. On the other hand, I don't want to upset her to talk about her father like that.

"Shar pei, is a dog...with wrinkles. I meant the dog, not your grandfather."

"Oh, okay." She knew that I won't tell her the truth and just stopped asking me. Instead, she changed the subject, "Hey N/A, have you seem my dad? I tried to find him a few minutes ago, but the knights refuse to tell me anything."

"No that is strange" I said. Normally the knights are there to help everyone. It is not like them to keep quiet. I asked her, with a blush coming to my face, "And what if he is on the toilet. Would they tell you that?"

"Of course and if he was, they just say that he is busy or something. But to keep quiet...they never did that before."

"Maybe they are on strike, you know, since Drac doesn't pay them."

Mavis shook her head, "No, I don't think so. For over a hundred years they didn't do that once. So why should they now?"

This was really awkward, but one thing was for sure. Mavis and I wanted to know why, "Okay, I lets gather everyone together. If the knight won't help, they certainly will."

The young Dracula finds this a wonderful idea and began to set their plan into motion.

Let's hope Drac is feeling better by now.

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