Chapter 16

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And while they were at the rooftop with Jisoo, Y/N was in a sticky situation below.

''Hey there, Y/N!'' a voice you recognised as Jacksons spoke up. ''We can finally spend some quality time alone together!''

His figure plops next to you on the bench, and you scoot a little further away.

''Where's your little boyfriends at?''

You scoff slightly, tilting your head to the side so your eyes meet his. ''Where were you in the morning?''

He shrugs. You both ask questions and they both go unanswered. He clears his throat.

''Look...'' he begins, his voice a little hoarse. ''I've thought about it...and I realised maybe my first approach to you was a bit...''

''presumptuous'' you finish, as he pauses and looks at you wierdly. ''...anyway...I want to apologise. I'm sorry''

Your silence urges him to continue. ''When I saw you with those guys, it confused me. Why had you chosen them over me? But then again, maybe if I tried a more gentle approach rather than being cocky, you'd think of me differently''

''So I want to prove to you'' he continues. ''Prove that I still am the same Jackson that hunted with you, fought with you, cuddled with you. So please, give me another chance''

Your eyes soften as a rush of nostaglia hits you. And in that moment, you realise this person beside you was the only person there for you before.

Smiling softly, you nod. ''I wish you'd bought out that side of you earlier''

He smiles back widely, not a smug smile but a genuine thankful one.

''By the way Y/N, can I kiss you?''

Your smile disappears as fast as it had appeared, and you furrow your eyebrows. ''Was that speech all for nothing? I thought you were gonna stop being cocky?''

''But I genuinely want to kiss you'' he mumbles blatantly. ''I want to know what it feels like''

You almost choke. ''W-well go kiss someone else, idiot''

His expression turns from hopeful to offended. ''Fine!''

Since you were fully engaged talking to Jackson, you didn't notice the three boys approaching you.

''Go on then'' you dare him.

''Watch me'' he says, standing up abruptly. Glancing around, he catches sight of his victim and grabs them by the tie, pulling them close until their lips crashed.

You gasp with widened eyes, and the others look just as shocked.

''WOW! SOME QUALITY CONTENT RIGHT THERE'' Taehyung gasps from laughter, snapping a quick picture.

''damn'' Jungkook exclaims, slightly cringing at the unusual sight.

Jackson pulls away from a flustered and angry Jimin, backing away as soon as he realised what he'd done. ''oops?'' he says, a hand over his mouth. ''Y/N told me to!''

''OOPS?!?!'' Jimin bellows, rubbing his lips. ''AND WHY DO YOU TASTE OF, LIKE STRAWBERRYS MIXED WITH SHIT?''

''He's been chatting so much shit his breath probably smells of it too'' Jungkook explodes, raucous laughter exploding between Taehyung and him as they fist bump.

''Shutup! I had a strawberry trifle and a tuna sandwich'' he answers, blocking his face from the deadly glares Jimin was shooting him. ''okay I'm sorry-''

''I mean like I know I can be pretty hot sometimes-'' he rambles, as Taehyung rolls his eyes. ''you sound like Jin''

''-but I don't swing that way ygm no just NO. Don't FUCKING ATTACK ME LIKE THAT-''

You purse your lips from laughing and freeze when Jimin turns his glare towards you. Walking forward until he's just 1 cm away, he tilts your chin so his gaze meets yours. ''is this your doing, Y/N?!''

''No way!'' you retort, as he groans and ruffles his hair. ''you guys are dumb. And delete that picture!''


After things had calmed down, you all headed for last period. Jackson had already gone to god knows where, and the four of you walked through the silent corridors.

''I'm gonna head to the toilet real quick'' Jimin tells the other two, as they wiggle their eyebrows. Jungkook and Taehyung walked ahead, and as they went out of reach you felt a hand tug at your sweater.

''wait'' Jimin popped, waiting until the two turned the corner to the hallways and were out of sight. You stop abruptly, and turn around. ''yes?''

Then he rushes forward towards your neck and takes a long inhale, his fluffy hair brushing against your chin. You stumble back, overwhelmed at this sudden random gesture.

He licks his lips, his eyelids lowered heavily over black eyes. And when he finally opens them fully, his face contorts into a expression of disbelief.

''Y/N...why do you smell the same as Jackson?''

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