Chapter Sixteen: I can see through your fake smiles.

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Chapter Sixteen: I can see through your fake smiles.

Thursday night.

LYDIA'S book fell to the floor as she stood up in one swift motion. George met her at the side of the couch and wrapped his arms around her.

Lydia returned the embrace and as she did she could feel George relax. "Of course I'd visit Chris with you," Lydia whispered into his shoulder.

She smiled at him as he pulled away and George mirrored her but the only difference was his smile was fake. Lydia could clearly see that whatever had happened was still bothering him.

"College isn't what I thought it would be like," George's whispered, pulling Lydia closer to him so his chin rested on her head.

Humming Lydia agreed,"it definitely isn't but we have to make the best of it."


The laptop was on George's lap and on it was Chris, grinning like the fool he is at his two best friends.

"I can't believe you two are visiting me. We haven't see each other in–"

"Twenty-seven days, three hours and seven minutes," George stated, cutting Chris off.

Lydia was asleep beside him and snoring softly. Smiling at her, George turned back to his best friend,"I'm thinking of taking the offer."

Then Chris' grin fell.


Kevin was my favourite Jonas brother. Who was yours?


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