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Its actually writer block and it time for TAGGING PPL

I ....wasnt tagged in here but found this and wanted to do it-

Ok it is

Lets do this lmao

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Lets do this lmao

1. Choose a fandom

Game of thrones (who would've g u e s s e d)

2. Who's your fave character?

Hhhhhh umm out of males, I love Prodrick (cuz he is tehnically a god), Bronn, Jamie (i used to hate him lmao), Tyrion, Varys, Renly and Lorras! Oh ! And Oberyn :3

Out of females, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Brienne and Ygritte.

3. Whats your opinion on villain/villians?

Everybody needs to c h i l l

4. Whats your OTP?

My OTP is deffinetely Lorenly.

Cuz...uhhh....they r fucking cute together ok?

5. Whats your favorite scene?

Uhhh it is when Joffrey dies.

Oh and Tyrion's epic speech.

6. How long have you been in this fandom?

For a year now.

7. How did you discover it?

Uhh well um-

If you guys know Telltale games, I used to play The walking dead.

But when I was done, I wanted to play more games of their companies and I found Game of thrones and somehow get obsessed with game again. However, I knew that there was TV show and so I searched it up and

Here i am.

8. Whats one thing you don't like about it?

Idk? Well it is just sometimes too much and a bit aggresive but ok.

I still love the plot

9. Tag at least 3 people

Ok here we go






Also im sorry for shitpost, imma post reqyests now :3

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