My Fault- Poofless (+ important note)

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Requested by Dolphinlv123

I just watched the first Poofless advent calendar and omg I died it was so cute!!!

Rob's P.O.V.

Preston laughed, his hand swinging up and down in mine. I smiled, watching as my crazy boyfriend ran up and down the footpath, trying to burn his energy before we had to go back home and work, record and edit for the next few hours.

The air was cold, I could see my breath swirling up into the sky and without my hand in Preston's my fingertips started to go white and numb.

It was a little bit of an understatement to say that Preston was hyperactive. He had had a little too much coffee and sugar and without a walk he would never be able to concentrate because he would be bouncing up and down in his chair.

We had been out for about half an hour when I asked him about turning back.

"Should we start heading back now?" He shook his head, the smile still on his face.

"Can we stay out longer please?" I shook my head, burying my chin in my collar.

"It's cold Pressy and we've gotta work, and I rather prefer not getting hypothermia." He sighed but nodded, his hand finding mine again.

"Are we recording a parkour video?" He asked after a few minutes of silence, our arms still swinging back and forth. I nodded, we had organized to do just a Poofless parkour video around our schedule of recording with others, mostly Merome if I'm being honest, because we just wanted time to us.

Just as we were wandering back home Preston started running up and down the footpath, his arms out like he was pretending to be an airplane. I laughed as his antics but watched him carefully, making sure he didn't put himself in danger by running into the road.

He was laughing and spinning like a child and I just watched him, my entire attention focused on him. I pushed him jokingly as he bumped into me and he stumbled a few metres away from me, poking his tongue out at me playfully.

I didn't hear the car screeching behind us.

I didn't hear the police sirens from the chase.

I didn't see the car speeding down the road.

I didn't see the car heading right for Preston.

He didn't see it until it was too late.

Everything went into slow motion as Preston was flung across the path and down the steep embankment on the side of the road, into the river below. The river was shallow and basically a muddy puddle and as I scrambled down the dirt to Preston's side panic began to well inside me.

He was unconscious, face down in the dirt and there was blood absolutely everywhere. There were already police swarming the scene, it was a runaway car being chased by them that had been ploughed into Preston, and several of them rushed to my side, performing first aid.

It took a few minutes before I realised what had happened and the extent of the injury that Preston had received. His arm was completely mangled and his head was bent at an odd angle, stuck out to the side very painfully. Both of his legs were bent and clearly broken.

The next few hours were a blur for me. I barely remembered the ambulance ride, just the screeching sirens and the blue and red lights, as well as the nurse forcing me to sit down because she was worried about me collapsing.

I remembered waiting in an empty hospital room for hours while Preston was in surgery, staring at a wall while I tried to work out what had happened. I was numb, I couldn't even think enough to get my phone out of my pocket and call someone, family, friends, anyone.

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