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To: Sebtastic 😍

Fabes 😉:
Sebby, are you coming home tomorrow or staying in LA until you have to go to Atlanta for filming?
I need to know whether I should be booking a plane ticket

Sebtastic 😍:
I'm coming home 😁😁
On a plane first thing tomorrow morning

Fabes 😉:
Joey's been missing you
He's going to be so excited to see you

Sebtastic 😍:
Only Joey? I see how it is

Fabes 😉:
Nah, I've missed you too, smartass

Sebtastic 😍:
Good. I've missed both of you tons
I'm YOUR smartass though

Fabes 😉:
You never let me forget it
I've got to go feed our dog before he comes back to pester me again
Text me your flight details and I'll be at the airport to pick you up as soon as you land

Sebtastic 😍:
Okay 😁
I love you both
Give Joey a hug from me

Fabes 😉:
Sure, as soon as he's finished eating I'll get right to it
We love you too 😉😘

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