" Arnav, I am so sorry for all this. You are hurt because of me. Please, forgive me. It's my humble request please don't go to police. " Annie pleaded.

" It's okay, ananya. You don't need to feel guilty. It's just that some people are crack and don't worry I will not call the police. I can definitely do this much for you." Arnav said to Annie.

Bhai fumed at this. " Girls, let's go. I don't want to see his face ever. " Annie said. " Ananya, at least think before what you say. Listen to Bhai.."
I stated but was interrupted by none other than Annie..

" Listen, are you guys coming or not or else I can go alone. " She said angrily. We all nodded in surrender and started leaving.

" Ananya, please come back. See I will die without you. " Bhai threatened. But Annie didn't stop. Vani and I continued walking afraid of facing Annie's wrath.

Soon we were walking on the side - walk pavements. " Yaar, why can't we just book a taxi or something to drop us home. I am tired of walking." Annie complained.

" Listen bitch, we don't have money. I used all of my money to pay as a compensation for the damage caused by bhai on your insistence. You were the one who said, ' Vani, give all the money to the manager. I don't want that Samarth to pay money for this. ' Vani said mimicring Annie.

" You don't have to be rude, vani.. Why can't we just hire a taxi to go back home and pay to the driver once we reach home. " Annie said.

" Hmm. It is so easy for you na to say that. What will shaila aunty say when we will ask her to pay on our behalf? What will we tell her huh the entire truth?? She will give us a good lecture. " Vani said.

" Guys, shut up.. Oh God!! Why the hell did I decide to wear these heels today only ? My feet hurts terribly.. I can't walk with it. Main to chalti phirti fatichar ban gai hun. Na pair or na haath, dono hi toote phoote pade hai. ( I have become a broken machine whose parts are out of maintainance. Neither my feet nor my hand are in a proper condition.)" I said.

Just then I got a call from my Mr jerk. I smiled as soon as I saw his name on my mobile. " Who's it?? " Vani questioned. " Ayeehayee, see our girl is blushing. Vanya come-on you should be able to guess it by now. " Annie said.

I shook my head and picked up his call.

Ayesha: Hi !! Mr billionaire, what's up??

Neil: I am fine angel. How is your hand??

Ayesha: Well, to be honest both my hand and feet hurt terribly.

Neil:(shoutingly) Angel!! What happened to your feet now?? God, what shall I do about this girl??

Ayesha: Calm down, Neil!!

Neil: No.. You first tell me that what's wrong with your feet.

Ayesha: Neil, it's been half an hour since we are walking. Actually, we forgot to bring money. So, now we can't hire a taxi to go back home and I am wearing heels. Thus, my feet is hurting terribly.

Neil: What? Ayesha, where are you guys? Send my your location on watsapp. I will drop you guys wherever you want.

Ayesha: Neil, you don't need to trouble yourself for our sake. It's okay. We can manage.

Neil: Ayesha, I won't repeat myself.

With this, he hung the phone. I sent him our location.

Ayesha: Guys, Neil is coming to drop us back home.

Ananya: Oh God! Love is in the air!!

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