Chapter 19

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Today is the first death anniversary of my grandfather.. I loved him and still love him more than anything else in this world. It's heartbreaking to think that he was there with me exactly 1 year and a day ago and now he isn't .. 😢😢😨

I hate the fact that he isn't here with me. He was a man of words and the most genuine person I had ever known.

Life is continuing as it was earlier except for the fact that an important person of our family isn't there amongst us...

I don't know that if the concept of afterlife is true or not but if it is I wish and pray to lord that you are happy out there.

This chapter is dedicated to you
Grandpa.. I miss you !!

Hurting Her

Ayesha's POV

It was now evening and we all had gone to the cafe. We all were sitting together and talking about random things.

When we suddenly heard,
" Ananya.... You..Man.. How dare you to flirt with my Annie. I will kill you!!"
Bhai roared. He punched Arnav on his face due to which he fell on the nearby table. Vani helped him to get up.

Blood was trippling from his nose and mouth. Bhai again came to him. This time Annie tried to stop but he pushed her away.

Vani and I saved Annie from falling. She collided with us. When she collided with us she almost fell on my right arm. That hurts!! But it is not the correct time to think about my arm my mind reminded. Bhai was getting out of control.

Oh God!! My plan failed miserably. It backfired. We somehow stopped bhai. Vani asked the cafe manager whether if he had a first aid kit. The manager handed over the first aid kit to her.

Vani started treating arnav's wound there itself. " Man,I am gonna sue you. I will hand you over to the police." Arnav threatened.

" Oh really, not before I break your jaw. " Bhai roared and again went to him. " Enough, samarth.. Stop it." Annie shouted. Bhai stopped immediately as soon as he heard Annie.

" Samarth, there's nothing between us. It was just a plan so that you would confess that you hired a dectective to stalk me. " Annie shouted.

Bhai is in big trouble now!!

" Thank God! There's nothing between you guys. " Bhai sighed.

" You heard only that!! Well, it's over."
Annie barked. " Ya.. That's what I wanted to say that your plan is finally over. " Bhai said amusingly.

Annie shook her head and said,
"Well, everything is over between us Samarth. I don't want a possessive control freak which you are. So it's over. We are officially strangers now."
Vani said dramatically.

" You can't do this to me, ananya.. Listen to me for once. " Bhai pleaded.

" I don't want to listen to anything. See, how badly you have hurt my colleague. He's bleeding." Vani said to Bhai.

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