Chapter 5

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Slenders POV-
I never realized how much Y/N ment to all the pastas. She was just a mortal with a shit load of power coursing through her. "Maksy hoodie Toby come to my office immediately." I say through mind control. Not even a minute later a few knocks come from my door, my three Proxies walk in confused of why they have been summoned. "Why do you need us sir?" Hoodie says confused "its about young Y/N I have a secret to tell you all. But you cant tell anyone. Toby and masky not even Chris and Eren, got it!?" I claim they all nod waiting for me to tell them.
"I have Y/Ns power in a orb which remains in my desk." Toby's eyes widen "w-wait! Does t-that m-m-mean sh-she isnt d-dead?" He says surprised. "Shes not tobias she just doesnt remember any of us, and just to make sure she has been moved far away from here." I say and afterwards I tell them nobody must look for her for she will never remember anything. They nod sadly and walk out of my office.

Maybe I shouldn't have done that. Maybe I should've kept that a secret from them all. I end up erasing there memories from what I just said. Nobody must know, Y/N was on the verge of killing us all. I cant let her be anywhere near here. I'm sorry Jack but you will get over her sooner or later. Chris might not but I dont know if she will be staying here, shes just another mouth to feed. She hasn't even killed her family yet, nor anyone else.

"I've made my choice, now time to make yours my fellow pastas" I say to nobody.

Mochis POV-
I heard everything. Y/Ns alive.... I need to find her! I run off to tell EJ, Chris and Scarlett.

I never knew I could make slender so evil. I mean wow 😂

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