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Mary's POV

I walked down the streets of Jersey next to Chris and Trey. We came to reminisce about how we used to live . We came to visit a few of our old friends.  They welcomed us  we were  representing them ,but proud whenever we were out in the public eye  away from the city.

We gave  out some money that was abundant to us . We made the streets smile . The memories on these streets . We ain't never had it easy on these streets especially Tremaine and Christopher.

We were standing on the street where Trey almost got gunned down by the cops along with Chris .  I had to watch and be afraid just because Our skin color was a threat to them . Two black men and one Hispanic woman. I used to be afraid the streets were dirty if you didn't carry a 9 millimeter on you at all times . 
It's sad how the colored people in America suffer the most unless you have money . It's all cool now I guess . We still have those shitty memories in our head when we saw people getting killed right in front of your eyes .  Seeing drugs everywhere you went . We stuck together and watched each other's back at all times . We are each other's guardian angels .

"Watch your back M ." Trey said.

I turned back to him and smiled .

"Watch your back Trey ." I replied.

"Watch your back Chris ." Trey and I said in unison.

"Watch your back Trey , Watch your back M ." He responded.

That was our little thing that we always said to each other when Trey's grandma passed . She would always tell us to watch our back . So me and Chris got a small angel tatted on the side of our ribs ,while Trey has two huge angels on his back with feathers falling down . Him and his grandma were so close you could not separate him from her .

We were all raised by mostly women. Chris dad separated from his mom when he was little. Trey really didn't have a father figure. My dad was really hard working. He would work for all of us . Chris and Trey would look at him as their father figure. My dad cared for them like his sons . Me ,Chris ,and Trey were inseparable. My blood brothers or not .


Later that day

"We should get going it's getting dark and we have to catch a flight in 1 hour ." Trey reminded us .   

"You're right,  come on Chris let's go ." I called him over .

We were riding in an suv looking at the city . The city who made us who we are now .  Man  we've come  a long way.

Back in LA

"Babygirl your back ." August engulfed me into a hug .

"How was the concerts babe ." I chuckled.

"Wonderful my fans really went over the top . But enough about me how was your trip . I haven't seen you in 2 weeks . I missed ya ass babygirl." He picked me up and pecked my lips .

"Great , I spent a day in Jersey . We went to perform together in many clubs and enjoyed the trip . We got so much done ." I sighed in relief.

"But it was kind of lonely because you weren't there laying next to me . I missed your cuddles ." I smiled softly and pecked his cheek .

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