Chapter Fifteen: The aftermath of the night before.

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Chapter Fifteen: The aftermath of the night before.

Thursday Evening.

GEORGE was walking back from training with Marlon and a couple of guys from the team.

They all knew he was with Lydia last night because Freya told them all. Though they all knew he wasn't going to be there, Lydia had him wrapped around his finger.

George was in his own world but when Marlon's hand slapped his shoulder, he came crashing back to reality. All the guys were talking about last night. Seemingly the party was better than the Marlon's but George didn't care. Last night was pretty unforgettable for him as well.

"Not going to a party that was held in your honour is one hell of a move, George."

All the guys nodded in agreement with Marlon. All wanting to say it but nobody knew how, except Marlon.

Shocked by the statement, George raised his eyebrow," I texted David I wasn't coming." David was one of the guys on the team that George was close to and knew he'd tell the guys that he wasn't going.

"Dude, you need to branch out of the bubble your in. Heck, this girl hasn't even let you touch her, why are you staying with her?" Marlon was getting furious now.

He couldn't believe that George first match while he had to wait for months to even play, let alone be on the starting panel. Then people hold a party in his honour and he doesn't even show up?

How greedy is this guy? He thought, trying to calm himself down before he'd say something he would regret.


Lydia was surprised by George slamming the door behind him. Closing the book, she turned to face him and frowned at the sight.

George stood in front of her, clearly annoyed at something or someone. She opened her mouth to ask him what happened but he spoke.

"Visit Chris with me?"




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