Chapter 1

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My eyes follow anxiously as the brown wolf rams his entire body at the slightly smaller gray one he was wrestling. The ground beneath my feet shakes as the two massive creatures fall to the ground once more, their large bodies dropping heavily onto the red-colored snow.

The crowd of werewolf and human spectators begin to cheer as the bigger one gets back up, ready to charge again.

I hold my breath.

Just tumbling to the side, the gray wolf successfully avoids the attack. Putting all the power in his hind legs, he hurls his sturdy form like a cannon at his opponent and a thundering sounds as their monstrous physiques collide.

Given any other rival, he would've been crowned the victor. However, the brown alpha withstands all the weight and ultimately throws his adversary over his head.

All around me, the audience hollers in excitement as their leader growls something that I can't comprehend.

I reluctantly look upon the gray wolf lying limp on the ground, not showing any hints of consciousness.

Get up Ralphie, I pray with all my heart.

In what seems like forever, his furry ears wriggle slightly back and forth. Only then did I dare let out a sigh of relief.

He gets up and effortlessly shifts back to a full grown teenage boy in all his rightful glory. Right away, he gets up to converse with the alpha, completely neglecting his utter nakedness.

Some girls around me giggle while others simply look away. I quietly thank a pack mate for handing him something to cover up.

Acting as if the fight didn't faze him, Ralphie joins his pack on the bench and engages in light banter with the other fighters. He shares a few friendly punches with them before casting his wild eyes in my direction, knowing that I'm watching him intently.

He gives me a small smile and mouths, "I'm alright."

I offer him a forced one, trying my best to hide that I almost had a panic attack when he didn't move for a whole minute in the ring.

Well, right now he seems better than ever, still having the energy to laugh and joke.

I give him one last glance before the next wrestling match begins.

"See you at home," he adds and slips in a wink before turning his attention back to the new round of wrestlers. 


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