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Crown Prince Fang Liwei

     She came in when we were in the middle of discussing her past, present, and future. At that moment, my grudges towards females didn't exist and I wanted nothing more than to hold her in my arms and tell her how much she meant to me. I understood why Father referred to Mother as Xīngān. She wasn't just his Empress, she was his heart and soul. And that's how I felt about the beautiful woman that stood before us.

She noticed my Father first, which caused me to silently urge her to look my way. I wondered if her eyes would light up when she saw me as I did when I saw her. Would she smile? Would she laugh? Would she run away?

At four foot eleven inches, she looked to be the daintiest person I had ever seen. I imagined holding her in my arms and chuckled in my mind, knowing that she couldn't have weighed more than fifty kilograms so she would feel as light as a feather in my arms. Despite her small stature, she looked to be in good shape. I could see the contours of muscles in her arms, possibly from consistent, diligent exercise. My eyes raked over the faint scarring on her arms, but the worst of them were the ones on her legs. She was using a cane to support herself, but she had to be in a great deal of pain. I clenched my jaw trying to keep myself from letting out a string of curses. I didn't want negative emotions to ruin the moment nor make her fear me.

My eyes traveled up to see her heart-shaped face. She looked so delicate, my fingers twitched, wanting to touch her porcelain skin. She had silky ebony hair done in a simple braid that fell down to her hips. The way it glinted in the light was alluring. Like her face, I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through the seemingly soft wisps of hair. Despite being dressed in a plain gray hemp tunic unbefitting of her graceful form, she still appeared elegant and bright as a full moon in a clear night sky.

When her eyes finally landed on mine, I felt as though my breath was taken from me. Her hazel eyes peered into mine as she saw our future unfold in her mind. I could hear her excitement and confusion through our mental bond. She didn't know what she was experiencing, but at the same time, she seemed to revel in the sensation. My heart soared at her acceptance of us.

The depths of her hazel eyes threatened to swallow my entire being whole while we held each other captive by our gazes. There was no more disdain or repulsion for women. The only person that mattered was her. I could feel her heartbeat inside my chest, the feeling was exhilarating and would only be ours.

When she approached me, I struggled to keep myself from shifting into my dragon form. I knew she had to have seen my eyes change color because of my internal struggle, but she didn't appear to be scared. My resolve crumbled when she reached out to touch me. I took her hand in mine and felt a shock radiate from my head to my toes.

Mate. Her dragon confidently declared in her mind.

My dragon echoed her thoughts through our bond and replied with, Mine.

There's no way for me to gauge how long it took for me to become intoxicated by my mate because there is no exact measurement of an instant. I was bewitched and enraptured by life's most wonderful spell, love.

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